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Monday, November 26, 2007

Saturday Night at the Meadowlands

November 24, 2007

The above program is from the Meadowlands Racetrack on Saturday night, November 24, 2007. As you know, all I bet at the races is triactors. The system that I employ focuses on this particular bet.

There were a number of high quality stakes races on this card. They were two and three year old horses, which I do not like to bet. I prefer older horses of good quality and that is what my system is based on. I did not spend a lot of time on these stakes races even though my system would have picked some winners in these races. In fact, my system produced four (4) winning triactors on this card. Three of them involved these stakes races which I did not bet.

Take a look at the thirteenth race shown above. I bet my usual 14 dollars and the system produced for me. This triactor paid $ 1165.80. for a one dollar bet. The winning combination was 10-3-8.

My top five horse according to my handicapping were:


My first bet would be to box (10-8-4) for a total of six dollars. This is called a triactor box bet. Here are the combinations that I receive for my six dollars. These are all one dollar bets and are contained within the box bet:







I am going to spend 8 more dollars on my system and I am going to bring in the "fourth" and "fifth" horses into combination with my top rated horse, which is horse number 10. My fourth and fifth rated horses are numbers 3 and 9, respectively. Remember, in a horse race, any horse can potentially win the race, or be in the top three. My system tries to pick the best five horses in the race according to the criteria that I employ by picking them. I am simply trying to save money by looking at the factors that I do; factors which I consider to be important in determining a winner of a race. I am now going to make a number of " key " bets. This means that the horse that I key with the other two in this particular betting example, would have to win. The other two can come in second or third, or place or show. Here are my key bets. Each bet costs two dollars and here are the combinations:

3/10-8 = 3-10-8 and 3-8-10 ( two dollars )

In the above key bet horse number 3 has to win the race and horses number 10 and 8 can come in either second or third.

10/8-3 = 10-8-3 and 10-3-8 ( two dollars )

9/10-8 = 9-10-8 and 9-8-10 ( two dollars )

10/8-9 = 10-8-9 and 10-9-8 ( two dollars )

So, once again the winning combination in the race was 10-3-8. My top rated horse won the race, my fourth rated horse came in second and my second rated horse came in third.


This was quite a nice win for me and it was my only win of the evening. But, then sometimes you only need one win to come out ahead.


Results at the Meadowlands for Saturday November 24, 2007


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