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Monday, December 12, 2011

Introducing Detective Eustace Mullins

Introducing Detective Eustace Mullins

August 2000,
Salmon Arm, B.C., Canada

Friends, I have never met Mr. Eustace Mullins, but, every time I see him on an internet video I feel like I am having an interaction with an old friend. Like myself, Eustace has taken it upon himself to fight a life long battle. He is fighting the system more or less as I am inclined to do. But, his fight is somewhat more focused than mine and his enemy is the international bankers and their criminal conspiracy. Maybe that is my battle too now that I think about it.  The bottom line for Mr. Mullins is that he feels that it is the bankers' objective to enslave us all. You may or may not agree with that assessment, but if you look at events today I think you will see that much of what we are experiencing is in fact the work of these international bankers.

Mr. Mullins is now dead ( February 2, 2010 ) and the interview shown below was done in August of 2000. September 11, 2001 is just over a year away so he won't be talking about that in this particular interview. And, he won't be talking about the financial collapse on Wall Street in 2007 either.  But, he will be talking about the Federal Reserve System in the US. Most of us never heard of the Fed before, as outlined by Mr. Mullins, that is. And,  if we had previously heard the term at all we would have thought that it was the nation's central bank, and part of the federal government. This entity, established under very secret conditions in 1910 was finally established in 1913. It was set up to serve private bankers. It is almost one hundred years later now and now might be the time to reflect on the nature of this institution. So, sit back and watch the performance given by Mr. Mullins. He will explain to you in detail just what this organization is all about and what their aims are. I think you will be immediately aware of Mr. Mullin's friendly and open character. He is certainly someone you would like to have as a friend, particularly if you are any kind of a rebel and would like to have some company in your conspiratorial view of the world. Mr. Mullins will provide that support for you. Interestingly, this video was taken in Salmon Arm, B.C. Also, listen closely to what he has to say about Al Gore's political prospects.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rest in Peace: America's Last Great President

Rest in  Peace

America's Last Great President

John F. Kennedy

And then they killed him on Friday, November 22, 1963



Friday, October 07, 2011

What the Rabbis are saying about Friday October 7, 1983

What the Rabbis are saying about

Friday October 7, 1983

( year 28 )

Good morning friends. Today is Friday October 7, 2011. That's right, it's 28 years later after the Big Event. And, that Big Event occurred on Friday October 7, 1983 as all of my steady readers already know. In a way, everything that I do on these pages it related to that serious incident in my life. Upon inspection of my personality, I think that becomes rather obvious.

I have published numerous posts on this blog already concerning the event.
From the Dear Diary portion of my blog you can find this entry here:

Notice that the above title is similar to today's post title. Much of what I am about to say in fact has already been said in that post. But, since this is a Friday, just like 28 years ago I thought I might try and be somewhat original and offer you some more insights into the event. More on this later.

First though, here are some other blog entries concerning Friday October 7, 1983, found on this very blog of course.

Friday October 7, 1983: The Silver Anniversary

Below is the original blog entry concerning the Big Event:

Friday October 7, 1983

So, what are the rabbis saying about Friday October 7, 1983 anyway?  Actually, they aren't saying anything at all about that particular date. But, one rabbi in particular is saying an awful lot about Carl Baydala, or Aquarians anyway. I have watched the above video with the rabbi a few times now, and including just a couple of hours ago as well.  I would have to say though that I captured his thoughts the very first time around, more or less that is.  Naturally I was impressed when he was able to identify my personality for me, and of course I latched on to the key ideas that I thought were related to my personality.

According to the Rabbi here are some common features of us Aquarians:   we are humanitarians; friendly; independent; honest; loyal; original; inventive; unpredictable; contrary; detached; kind; tranquil; self-centered; idealistic; aloof; not arrogant; hate big shots and not compatible with big shots; diplomatic; timid; how to change what is wrong and improve the world; most misunderstood; can get along with anyone if he chooses to; turn cold to those who have an ego; don't like borrowing or lending; they keep their word and pay their bills (strong characteristic ); platonic, faithful; generous, but will not go overboard; not interested in ambition or making money; does not believe in cheating or lying; an Aquarius boss is very friendly; everybody is equal; sincere, loyal, and devoted.

Lots of stuff there as you can see.  These are just generalities of course, and I am sure that not all of us Aquarians are exactly like anybody else. But if I had to concentrate on a few of the characteristics I would focus on something like the anti-authoritarian part. I am a rebel friends and I don't like authority. That is the primary thing that I want to leave you with.  However, I don't dislike all authority as I am not a complete misfit, for lack of a better term. I have had bosses that I respect, but, of course they have to gain my respect. I don't like suck holing to bosses if I don't like them. I don't like living under a reign of tyranny either and if I can smell that kind of an environment I am going to start fighting back. Nobody needs a job badly enough to live under an authoritarian system that is not working for them. Now, I could probably say the same thing about the United States right now, and many Americans would agree with me now wouldn't they?  Of course they would. They are on the streets of the big cities rebelling as we speak.

Another thing that came up in my personality profile was the idea of being wronged. As an Aquarian I don't like it when someone does me wrong and I tend not to forget those kinds of things. We are honest people and we expect people to be the same. I guess it is just our idealized nature that makes us that way. Anyway, for me that would be a big part of this whole 1983 business. So, maybe my readers will start to understand me a little better once they have my profile to contend with.

Another huge feature of October 7, 1983 is the song Every Breath You Take by the Police. That was my favourite song at the time and it brings back a lot of memories as you would expect. There have been quite a few remakes of this hit song and here is one of my favourites just below. Now, you know that I don't think much of  US imperialism and the antics of the Federal Reserve, so this is really a nifty song for me. Hope you like it, and I think you will easily be able to see its relevance for today's environment as well. So, you see the Big Event is not just about love and heartache and bad feelings, but it can be translated into today's politics as well. Now, I think you would agree that would make the Event somewhat positive now wouldn't it?

.And, finally friends here is yet another version of Every Breath You Take. I only discovered this video not too long ago as well. I thought you might like it. You will have to try and listen to the words and meaning of course. 
Have a nice day and thanks for celebrating my anniversary with me.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Why you need to be a philosopher

Why you need to be a Philosopher

by Carl Baydala

Friends,  I just finished watching a debate between an atheist and a Jew, a rabbi in fact.  Like awakening from a dream you need get  it down on paper before you lose the main ideas of what you just experienced. That is how important these kinds of things are.

This was an absolutely tremendous debate on religion, maybe the best that I have seen so far in fact.  If you have read any of my previous posts on these pages then you will know that this is where I want to be in terms of intellectual awareness; watching and listening to these religious and philosophical debates.

The real beauty of this debate lies in the fact that there was no outright hostility between the combatants or debaters. And, the lack of hostility or animosity allowed the observer to learn from the interplay of opposing views.  The debaters were of course on the opposite sides of the spectrum as concerns the existence of a god. Let us just say that both participants acted as gentlemen even though you may appreciate that both debaters were confirmed in their positions; they defended their positions well and were up to the challenge when anything that was controversial in nature was introduced; it was challenged professionally. It is not necessary to provide details of this fact because in watching the video this feature is readily identifiable. This is an important detail because I have watched many of these kinds of debates in the past. Personalities, politics,  and prejudices easily emerge in these kinds of debates, but because of the education, and personalities of the debaters perhaps, the debate becomes highly educational and a challenge to the imagination.

You need to become a philosopher friends, and this debate  here will help you get there. Intellectual education is one of  the most valuable tools that you can own. You cannot go to a store and buy education. You have to earn the right to be  educated, and you can only acquire education the old fashioned way, you have to earn it. And, this debate will help you get to where you want to be.

What is education?  Well, how about an original response just to show you that I learned something from this video that I just watched? Would that do?  In the simplest of terms education is gaining knowledge from information. With education comes the introduction of ideas. And, ideas are the catalyst that will get your mind racing. Ideas are the things that you frame arguments around; they become your facts and you ammunition in debate. Education should be new information for you, and hence, the tool that will provide a new idea and new way of looking at the world or some subject that is of interest to you. For me, in this video, I was particularly impressed with the rabbi. His professionalism garnered my attention. I am not calling him a winner necessarily, but his ways and means of going about defending Judaism and the idea of God allowed me to gain a new respect for the adherents of God. This is not to say that I accept their notion of, or even their idea of a God, but the rabbi lets you know that you need to be on your intellectual best in order to compete with his kind. Rationalism is the name of the game when you are dealing with the notion of a god and the existence of that god. Idea refinement is a great tool to have in your intellectual toolbox. Enough said of course.

The debate tonight was about religion and the existence of God. How do you do a successful debate about the existence of God? You are either the rabbi or you are the atheist. You have to defend your position. In this particular video and debate the rabbi took the position that scientific evidence and God were two separate things. Right out the gate the rabbi says: " science is powerful, but it's narrow. "  " life is not a scientific question, but a philosophic and religious question. " ..." just like you can't explain what an idea is in scientific terms, it is intangible..." He states that some people now believe that since science has become so powerful that it has replaced religion.  And, of course he is not buying that position.  There was no reason to be scientific about the whole thing because God is just of a different sphere and he is not scientifically provable; it is not necessary to prove God.  The atheist challenges this idea with his own argument suggesting that science is still developing and will even be able to understand the nature of ideas and emotions themselves. That is how powerful science is - and will be.  In terms of assessing their positions, the rabbi is suggesting more religion is the answer to our problems and not less, while the atheist suggests that more science is the remedy needed to make life more meaningful and understandable. And, that is why this is such a strong debate, because of the kinds of ideas  that were put on the table right at the beginning of the debate.

Sam Harris is the atheist in this debate. He doesn't really like to call himself an atheist though; he still maintains that he doesn't really know if God exists or not and holds the philosophical position that it is OK to be a non-believer and carry on a successful life. He even states that he is " open-minded " about life after death. I guess that makes him more of an agnostic then, rather than being a pure atheist. This debate really is about science versus philosophy. And, " intuitions " seem to be at the core of that debate says Mr. Harris.  He  says something about " contemplative and spiritual intuitions. " Simply put, both debaters use intuition to their advantage and to enhance their scientific and philosophical positions. If you can understand what these debaters mean by these terms and how they employ them,  then you will be well on the way to having a great intellectual and idea-filled experience. And, these notions are introduced fairly early on into the debate, so you can keep these ideas in the back of your mind as you listen to and watch the video.  Sam Harris carried himself very well in this debate and you could do no less than to admire his wittiness and body language performances. And, I would offer the same praise for the rabbi as well. They both knew how to use their personalities, their humor and their wit, when and where required.

This is a tremendous debate friends, and I encourage you to watch it. If you have never seen these kinds of debates before then just sit back and become EDUCATED in the ways and means of philosophy. That is what this debate does - it educates you; it provides you with arguments from both sides of a discussion about the existence of God. There is a constant stream of ideas to think about. I have to tell you what was going through my mind while I was watching and listening to this debate. In terms of modern day politics you cannot get away from the idea of Muslim terrorism. Politically of course the modern day rabbi would like to emphasize this type of terrorist threat.  This Muslim terrorism idea popped up frequently in the debate. I listened to these ideas with a grain of salt however, because I  do not believe in the Official Conspiracy Theory as regards 9/11 and the idea that 19 Muslims carried out the attack, but, that might not be here nor there because there are many other stimulating ideas in this video.

The rabbi's job is to defend Judaism. and he does this well. He is for religion and the idea that God exists. For him, religion is something that you are allowed to believe in. You are not scientifically obligated to prove the existence of God.  Science will advance just as human civilization does. We will learn and we will adjust. But, beyond human comprehension and knowledge is the unknown. And, of course that is the domain of religion and mysticism. God lives beyond this world and is therefore not knowable. That doesn't mean that He does not exist, but it certainly allows for the continuation of something like religion and a God; a type of god that anyone can create in fact.

I have always tended to side with atheists or those prone to atheism because I am not convinced that God as we know Him in western society exists. but, that is not really the point is it, when we are dealing with philosophy, religion, and education, I mean?  Friends, you can take any position you want regarding religion and the existence or non-existence of God. But, when you have education on your side then the whole thing becomes rather meaningless. Once you acquire an education you graduate yourself to  the right to debate. Your tools are ideas and the power of persuasion based on knowledge.  If you listen to the debate closely you will see what a powerful tool philosophy and education can be. You need to be a philosopher friends because once you do you will be able to enter the world of debate and hold your own - or even win those debates by virtue of the power of your arguments based on ideas. The rabbi is the individual that is under pressure to perform here and you can sense that from the beginning of the debate; secular society has made that so, and that is in spite of the fact that there are apparently more believers in God than non-believers.  He ( the rabbi ) needs to construct a legitimate argument to compete with the atheist; he needs to defend his religious and God-believing  stance.  And, he does that fairly well. Like most God adherents he admits that you cannot prove the existence of God. Nobody can prove the existence or non-existence of God. So, that is hardly a position worth relying on if you want to win a debate about God. You need to take the next step and prove yourself as a worthy philosopher; you need new information and new ideas to support your position.  You need to take a philosophical position in fact,  and defend it with those ideas; ideas that the masses can understand, and hopefully, accept. That is the nature of this debate friends and it is one of the best. Wittiness and education abounds here in its entirety. There is no apparent animosity and that is what makes it a clean debate. Here is the debate again:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Looking at 9/11 Ten Years Later

Looking at 9/11

Ten Years Later

by Carl Baydala

September 11, 2011

Good morning friends. Today is September 11, 2011. It is exactly ten years later after the Big Event - September 11, 2001. If you were alive ten years ago and able to experience the Event then I am sure you remember what you were doing on that fateful day.

I was on my annual vacation and it was certainly a beautiful sunny day, just like in New York.  I was glued to my television and watching and listening to stock market data. And, then came the images of the planes crashing into the towers, and the rest is history as they say. That's right, we have ten years of history under our belts now regarding 9/11.

As for the attacks themselves, most of us immediately felt empathy toward the US and its victims. Did the country really deserve to be attacked by Muslim terrorists? Well, that is what we were being told, that Arab terrorists, 19 of them in fact, had successfully attacked the most protected and powerful nation on earth.

Do you believe the Official story about 9/11 and how it was supposed to have happened according to the government?  Initially, I think most people did, and many still do. It would be easy to believe that Muslims, and people like Osama bin Laden perhaps,  were were involved. It didn't take long for the mainstream media, in fact,  to start fingering people like Bin Laden, and indeed,  it was happening almost immediately.  He did have a history of terrorism after all and he would become the number one suspect and the main suspect of the attack.

However, a lot of strange things were happening on that day in the eastern part of the US. Things that most people were not conscious of. First and foremost of course is the fact that 19 Muslims terrorists had successfully penetrated the most advanced security system in the world. They had beaten the odds at airport security checkpoints and even after hijacking numerous planes were not intercepted or shot down for violating air space rules. This would have been standard procedure of course, but not on that day.  Even the vice president of the United States himself, Mr. Dick Cheney, was conducting war games of a similar nature as to what was occurring in real life. He was in charge of everything on that day it seems like. And, it was he who was to give the orders to " stand down " and to not intercept the intruding aircraft. So, for whatever reason, the terrorists were going to be wittingly or otherwise, aided by the vice president. The co-ordinated attack effort was going to be allowed to proceed.

In the meantime, President Bush was sitting in a classroom in Florida observing an elementary school teacher and her teaching methods. In the course of this event we watched on television as an aid is apparently informing the President of the the attacks taking place in New York. The President does not feel that it is necessary to leap into action and  help with the business of protecting his country. Everything is apparently in good hands. He remains seated in the classroom and appears to have a blank stare about him.

The attacks in New York and at the Pentagon continue. Later on, an airplane has apparently crashed or has been shot down over Pennsylvania. Both the twin towers at the World Trade Center have been hit and both will crumble to the ground. Eye witnesses talk about numerous explosions occurring as the buildings were falling into their own footprints. Their collapse has the appearance to many of a ' controlled demolition '.  Nearby, another building, namely Building 7, will also fall to the ground in controlled demolition style as well, and that is in spite of the fact that this building was not hit by an airplane. And, over at the Pentagon we are being told that an airplane has attacked that structure too. And, once again, this aircraft has beaten the odds and evaded the heavy security surrounding the area.

The Official Conspiracy Theory as provided by the George Bush government explains to us that this was a co-ordinated Muslim attack upon America. The terrorists beat the odds and had struck successfully at the heart of capitalism and knocked down the grandest phallic symbols of all time, namely the Twin Towers. The Muslims were getting even with the US.  It was time to retaliate against The Great Satan for the wrongs that it had perpetrated upon the Muslim world.  This was their story and they stuck to it, and they have been sticking to it for the last ten years. There is no reason to change their version of things because to do so would simply cause unnecessary and burdensome problems anyway. It was this attack and the Government's version of it that would allow them to pursue a policy of war against Muslims and to perform preventative war to secure and protect Americans. Islamofascism had been born.

It is a nice story of course except a lot of people do not believe the Government now and their fight against terrorism and Muslim wrong doers. They see flaws in the Official Story that instigated the wars and many wonder why they are so secretive about the whole event. There are no plane parts or terrorist bodies at the Pentagon and the entry point of the attack more closely resembles that of a  missile intrusion. That a large commercial aircraft hit the Pentagon is in doubt. The video cameras surrounding the Pentagon were confiscated and we are not being allowed to see these videos. If everything is on the up and up then why the secrecy?  Doesn't the Government simply defeat itself by not being more forthcoming with the evidence?  And, the same thing with the black boxes that were found at the Towers. They are being held under lock and key. What are they hiding and what are they afraid of?

More and more people are now convinced that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down by controlled demolition. Larry Silverstein, the owner of Building 7 informs us that the fire department recommended ' pulling the building ' How does one pull a building if it is not pre-wired for such an event to occur?  The Official Story line is that the heat caused by the burning jet fuel weakened the metal frames of the Twin Towers and thus caused their collapse.  But, we also know that in modern history no  office structure made of steel  has ever fallen due to a fire. Yet, on September 11, 2001 three  buildings on one day lay claim to bucking history, and they simply broke down.

No bodies of any terrorists are found in any of the buildings affected by the attacks. There are no videos at any of the airports identifying any terrorists and there are no flight records with the terrorists' names on them. After the initial publication of  the names of the 19 Arab terrorists we find that many of these individuals are still alive, only their identities have been stolen. Perhaps, in its haste to put a case together the Government simply gathered up some convenient names and pictures. But, it certainly puts a damper on their official story as you can imagine.

There are numerous other oddities concerning the Event that really only provide fodder for conspiracy theorists and to those who otherwise would not have anything to do with the official government line. Why is Dick Cheney playing war games on the very day of the attack, war games that involve airplanes crashing into buildings?  Who are the instigators of the put options on American and United Airlines?  Why does Zim shipping of Israel pull out of its contract in the Towers a month before the attack?  How does Lucky Larry Silverstein have the wherewithal to purchase terrorism insurance, to be fortunate enough to have an appointment that makes  him late for work that day and how does his building fall in a controlled mode if it was not pre-wired?  And, the same question for the Twins themselves of course. Who wired them up and when did they have the opportunity to do so?  Why are workers at the Pentagon busy carting away evidence from a crime scene and why was all of the debris from the Towers quickly shipped off to Asia?  If the Government was interested in justice and getting to the heart of the crime then why so much suspicious behavior?

Within a month after the attack Afghanistan is invaded. The Taliban will not give up Bin laden since there is no evidence that he had anything to do with the crime. The US has no answers for the Taliban of course and they simply invade the country; it is a pre-emptive strike against terrorism.  At this stage in the game nobody is really questioning the US Government and its motives. America was attacked by Muslims after all and the ringleader was apparently Bin laden himself. Except, as we have pointed out there is no proof whatsoever to back up this claim.

The US however, does not stop with Afghanistan in its quest to root out evil in the world. The next target is Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Apparently he has weapons of mass destruction and he is a threat to US security. On March 19, 2003 the country is invaded and subsequently destroyed. The US builds a billion dollar embassy in Baghdad just for good measure. So, it would appear that the US is in Iraq for the long haul. I don't think Saddam Hussein ever thought that he was going to be collateral damage from the attacks on the Twin Towers, but there you have it.  The rest if history as they say.

The US is still in Afghanistan and Iraq ten years later. This is one of the profoundest results of the attack of course, the retaliation part. Some people think that 9/11 was a ' False Flag ' event or that it was an inside government job aided by the CIA or even the MOSSAD of  Israel. We cannot make these kinds of judgments without more proof and a more detailed investigation of course. But, we do know that it was a highly co-ordinated attack and that a lot of things had to happen to allow the attackers to be successful. You have to be your own judge in these matters. Did 19 Arab hijackers do the job? If the majority of them were from Saudi Arabia as the authorities tell us then why didn't they attack Saudi Arabia first?  Why Afghanistan and then why Iraq?  And, does the evidence even come close to supporting the Official story?  Why does the mainstream media shy away from any real study of the event and why aren't they clamoring for a new investigation if millions of their customers are?

Americans are now paying trillions of dollars for war caused by the attacks ten years ago today. Their freedoms have been curtailed as a result of the Patriot Act and many have to suffer indignities when they go through security at airports. There are many reports of Arab terrorist threats and coded warning levels for terrorism attacks.  But, for the most part these things come to naught. It is just government doing government as a result of the tragedy ten years ago today. If you do not support the government's war efforts you might be labelled unpatriotic. You cannot even criticize the government or engage in peaceful protest against the current wars. You could fall under investigation and even be charged with aiding terrorism. Now, that is a fine place to be now isn't it?  Yes, friends, 9/11 ten years later and just look where we are. An event that nobody really knows who did; it caused wars, trillion dollar debts, and an erosion of personal liberty. And, they say that there is sunshine at the end of the tunnel. September is a great month friends here in the northern part of the world. You are more than likely to enjoy sunshine on a bright September day. Today is a brilliant and warm day.  The memories of 9/11 are only reinforced of course if you have the pleasure to experience yet another bright sunny day. Think of the thousands who lost their lives on that day, the ones jumping out of buildings in fact or the firefighters risking their lives and doing their job,  and then think of the many thousands more who perished as a result of the government's reaction to that event.

You are entirely free to believe in the Official Conspiracy Theory if you want to. And, in fact many still do. Many of these people are actually surprised that so many people would question their government and its motives. Well, my message for these people is to simply study the event and look at the evidence. Think of being in a court of law and being charged with the responsibility of convicting 19 Arab terrorists for the crime of 9/11. You should be so lucky of course because the government is doing everything it can to not make that happen. ... But, I digress of course. At least examine the evidence. Look at motive and look at opportunity. Look at everything that you need to in order to ' figure ' out 9/11, including who you think would have the best opportunity and know how  to carry out the attack. I think if you do that you will at least become a skeptic. And, that just might be the first step on the road to one's individual truth about 9/11. And, that is the way that I see things ten years later.  Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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 concerning  9/11:

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Why did God really create woman?

Why did God really
create woman?

An honest enquiry don't you think friends?  Why does the Almighty deem it necessary to create something called: The Woman?  Or, for that matter why even Man? As a Being that can do anything at will why even bother creating something like the sexes at all?  There is no ordained reason to get involved in the sexes if one does not have to as there are numerous, if not an infinite number of things for God to create in order to amuse Himself. But, He chose Man - and then He chose Woman.

Some women get upset of course because God chose to create Man first, and then Woman. I mean, it could just as easily have been the other way around now couldn't it?  For surely you need a Woman to produce a Man after all. So, if a Woman was to get upset about the whole thing it wouldn't take much for most of us to back her up on her complaint. But, that is not the way God did things. He is a Man after all as we know Him to be. So, why wouldn't He choose to have Man as the more important creature in Creation?  As the Biblical story goes Woman was created to serve Man. What fun would it be in the world without Woman anyway?  And, just how would Man survive without company or how would he have offspring without the Woman?  Woman serves a necessary purpose for Man as we understand humanity. Woman is a vital part of humanity.  She is a sexual and social partner for Man.

But, did God really have to create Man and then Woman to begin with? Seems like He created all the matter and all of the other things necessary to make a functioning universe. He made an untold number of things and other things that we call creatures. These are the living and breathing things of the universe. He didn't have to create Man exactly like He did and He didn't have to create the notion of morality or something like Free Will. These ideas seem to be part of the characteristics of Man and Woman. Don't you ever wonder why God chose to create a creature called Man in the first place? If you are a human being then you know what I am talking about. But, I am sure that there are other creatures in the universe that do not know what a human being is. And, we could just have easily have been any number of creatures or things. But, no, God had to create the human being.

The human being is an amazing creature actually. It is something that thinks and has emotions. It also has needs that it needs to survive,  and something called sexual desire as well. And, this is the area that we need to focus on: sexual desire.  Why did God create sexual desire?  There is no inherent reason to have sexual desire. Not really. Sure, it is a handy thing for fun and it helps the sexes to have offspring, but nothing in the universe says that it is totally necessary. Other things can multiply and exist without the benefit of sexual desire.  Cells and other living organisms just find ways to keep on living and to reproduce themselves. But, we live on this place called Earth where all the animals that we know about engage in sex and some kind of sexual desire. Man is especially gifted in the area of sex because he thinks about it all of the time and he knows that this is the thing which enables him to multiply and to continue his existence.  And, man has come to know that he needs to find a Woman to help him out with his sexual desires and his wanting to have children.  So, Woman is an important thing to have around for it aids Man in his most basic of activities. But, don't you think that maybe God overdid things a bit by creating Woman? Now, I don't want to get all of the ladies against me so just assume for the sake of argument that I am referring to your problem as well - if you think you have a problem, that is. But, since I really do not know how a Woman thinks I am going to use the example of Woman as a problem for Man.

That's right friends, Woman is a problem for Man - and there is no reason why she has to be. God gave Woman a great deal of power by creating her. A Man living alone without the knowledge of Woman could very easily survive in the world - if God wanted it to be that way. I am sure that God in His wisdom could have easily devised some kind of system whereby Man could reproduce if that was to be one of his goals in creating Man in the first place. Any manner of technique could have been introduced to bring forth offspring. Imagination is a great thing and God was loaded with it. The sky is the limit when it comes to creation and what to do with it. God, in His wisdom decided to make Man a sexual being. Sex and Man were to become synonymous. So, the problem for God was how to introduce sex into the life of Man.  And, his answer was the Woman. But, not just any kind of Woman of course, but an equally active sexual creature  just like Man. So, these two creatures, Man and Woman would have something in common, namely sexual desire.  But, one has to wonder if God ever stopped to consider the consequences of introducing sex to Man via the Woman.  Man's focus in life would now be sexual desire and that desire would translate into power for the Woman. By extension then we have to consider the idea that God created Woman for Man to  help him understand the idea of power. But, it would be a certain kind of power; one derived from the power of lust. Can we believe that when Man is confronted by a beautiful Woman that his sole aim his to have offspring or is he more interested in the sexual contact; in satisfying his sexual desire?  The answer is simple of course. In Woman Man senses satisfaction of the most basic form, that of sexual gratification.

The Bible tells us that Man needed a Woman for a companion and to help  out in his survival. I think you will readily agree that God went all out when he created Woman. He made her strikingly beautiful and a temptation for Man. This temptation of course puts Man at a disadvantage - but, not entirely.  For, we also know that in the Bible Woman was cursed by God for she was tempted by the Devil. But, then who else could have made that happen but God?  So, not only did God create a beautiful creature in the Woman, but he also blamed her for tempting Man. So, the Woman would be destined to serve Man. Maybe this is just God's way of tempering the charms and powers of the Woman. He needed to neutralize her since He created such a powerful force. But, this explanation still doesn't explain for us why God invented Woman in the first place, or for that matter, Man. But, He did these things and as humans we know of their consequences. I think the answer is rather simple though. God is an all-knowing and all-doing Entity. He can create anything He wants and where and how He wants. I believe that  God created Man to explain things like morality and pain and suffering and power and the like. How else to explain the things that humans experience except by creating something called a human being? And, how can you have something like lust if it cannot be explained through Man and his relations with Woman? How else would you properly explain something like lust if you did not create the Woman as its expression? God knew that He had to create that perfect setup that would properly explain these things to His friends in the universe. They would need concrete examples and they would need to feel and experience these things themselves and they could only do that through the human being. The Woman needed to be beautiful and to be sensuous so as to gain the full impact of the kind of emotions that she could generate.   And, yet in the same breath of lust God speaks of love as well. What is this thing called love then and how does it fit into the sexes and their experiences of lust?  How would God explain love?  Could it even be done knowing what we know about the sexes?  Well. leave it up to God of course. That's right, even God found a way to overcome lust and to make make Man appreciate the Woman as friend and not simply as a sexual object or tool for the making of children. God created the power object of Woman and then He neutralized that power; He tempered it.  Human life is about meaning. Life must have a purpose or it is not worth living. And, that is why God created Man. In everything imaginable is man; all is explained.  And, what does Man see when he sees a Woman? He sees his future that is what he sees. According to God there is no future without the sexes. In Man and Woman is meaning.   And, that is why God created Woman.

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2011

Did you notice the face in the clouds?  Maybe that is Big Brother watching you.

Retirement Update: 1984 revisited


 Retirement Update: 1984 revisited 

This post was originally published on June 13, 2011

Welcome back friends. I haven't talked to you for a while and I think it is time to do some serious communication. Today is the day that marks exactly one month into full-time retirement for me. Now, I know that doesn't mean much to most people, but to a lot of people it does. Many of the baby boomers out there are wondering just what it is like to actually pull the plug. Well, that is exactly what I did on May 13, 2011.

Any regrets?  Actually, none at all. I feel free and healthier and that is the main thing of course. I get up in the morning and there is no one to answer to except myself. If I want to sluff off and do absolutely nothing then that is what I do. But, as you may appreciate the mind is always active and it is looking for something to do. Fortunately for me, I have  lots of things that I want to do.The harness races on Saturday remain as the the highlight of my week. It is fun going to the races and trying to beat the system as you can imagine.  Can you really beat the system?  Well, that depends where you are on the social ladder I suppose, or maybe it just depends on what your individual goals are. It is all about personality of course and that is the underlying factor in these matters.

Luckily, I don't mind doing yard work either or going to the dump for that matter. I love going to the dump as a matter of fact; it is one of those instant gratification kind of endeavours; like cutting the grass. Pretty basic stuff eh?  Well, like I said in many of my posts, especially Dear Courier Diary, I am a very basic person. So, that means that good old physical labour and yard work can turn me on.  And, it is good for your health too.

The other thing that I like to do is studying on the internet and just reading things and trying to inform myself about what is happening in the world. I guess it is like the folks who engage in gossip or even watch the soaps or just any kind of TV or whatever.  It is what keep us amused and interested that is what it does. We all have our favourite past time things and our interests.  And, if we didn't well, we would all just shrivel up and die.

But, the really big thing that I like to do is to try and figure out where my life fits in with the grand scheme of things. Remember my story about 1983 - and the girl? You can read about that true story right here: Friday October 7, 1983 Well, rest assured dear friends that this thing is still alive in my mind and I am trying  to make the best of what now amounts to a very bad thing. Well, maybe not so bad. Important,  might be another way to look at it.  I mean, just think of the personalities involved in that story and try and fit them into my life and my history. It's a huge story for me and very meaningful as well. So, what is the really biggest thing that I did in the past 30 days or so?  Well, I re-read the novel 1984 by George Orwell that is what I did. Actually, I upgraded my phone since the contract was up anyway and I got a smart phone. Neat phone and I am sure that many of you already own one of these babies.  You can do your banking on these devices, take pictures and videos, and even bet the races and all kinds of things.  But, what I did is to download a free pdf copy of 1984 and I just sat down and basically read the whole thing. read 1984 here  Now, this is the first book that I probably every read as a young person and the stuff in there never went out of my mind let me tell you. In fact, this book is probably the most influential piece of literature that ever entered my mind - and it stuck like I say.

So, I read it again with vigour and I didn't want to miss a thing this time. So, many things I forgot let me tell you. But, the main characters were all there as big as life. Now, remember 1983 like I say because why I acted like I did back then probably has got a lot to do with this book. So, check out the link on the sidebar or the link above and get reading. You will not be disappointed I do not think. Anyway, I digress . Of course there is a girl in the book and her name is Julia. Winston Smith is the main character and there is even a guy in the book with a black moustache. Hahahahah.  And, that is Big Brother.  That's right, this is where the term Big Brother comes from. It is a totalitarian society that is what it is.  And, Winston Smith is a rebel, just like me. So, do you see now why I am like I am?  Winston bucks the system and is against authority.  There is an ongoing threat to the system or enemy of the state named Emmanuel Goldstein.  A  Jewish name, so how do you like them apples?  The real point is of course that this is the very same idea as our Osama bin Laden. The state needs someone to hate and to keep the population in line. It is a very tyrannical society and there are telescreens everywhere; all movements and speech is monitored. It is very much like a Nazi or Soviet Union controlled society. There are class divisions and everyone is expected to be loyal to the state and to hate the enemy. Remember the terms Ignorance is Strength and War is Peace?

This book was written in about 1949 and is very applicable to our day and age. If you are paying attention you will have noticed that the United States today is very much like the society that George Orwell was talking about. Now, he might have been describing the Soviet Union in particular, but I think if you examine the situation, the US is very much a totalitarian state that engages itself in continuous war. And, it did indeed create this enemy for us. In the sixties it was communism, but that has been transformed into the war against Islam as exemplified in Osama Bin Laden. I think this is a very easy comparison to make indeed.

Winston Smith, and his sweetheart Julia are both interested in overthrowing the system and Big Brother. They think that there is a better world out there. Both Winston and Julia are Party members, but not Inner Party members. There are in fact three classes in the society of Oceania, namely Inner Party members, regular Party members, and the Proles or the underclass. According to Winston all of history is organized in this way. And, further according to Winston, the Proles will never start a revolution, for that role is assigned to the middle classes or regular Party member in this case. The Proles ( and modern day Americans ) are only interested in survival and entertainment and do not concern themselves with matters of philosophy or the business of overthrowing despots or tyrants.  And, that is why people like Smith and Julia are dangerous and must be dealt with. They are capable of understanding things and taking action to overthrow those with all of the power. But, in the world of Winston Smith there will be no regime change for Big Brother is all powerful.

If you take the time to sit down and read this book I think you will find a great many comparisons to modern day America. Winston Smith worked in the Ministry of Truth and his job was to change the facts of history and to indoctrinate the masses.  And, so it is with the modern press in America; it is highly controlled and the only information that gets out is the information that the elites want to get out. As you may appreciate of course that puts the authorities and the alternative media on a collision course. For it is here where the Winston Smiths are going to pop out and try and overthrow the system. But, the system is strong as we well know. Not only do they control the media but the political figures and police and military are controlled as well. There is constant war and there is an identifiable enemy. And, if you are paying attention you will observe how the enemy is treated. And, in the US they have something called the Patriot Act as well. In the novel peoples' movements and thoughts were monitored like I said. They even had something called the Thought Police and ' thought crimes ' and they would get you in the end of course. Every house had a telescreen where speech and movement was monitored. Just how do you know dear friends if your TV or even your cell phone is not a modern telescreen?  Something to think about eh?

Anyway, I would encourage everybody to read this book and to examine what is really in there. It is more that just the human being wanting to be like humans and having a love affair, it is much more  in fact. It is about power and it is about philosophy and religion as well. The state wants to destroy everything that is meaningful to a human being.  There is even something called a Junior Anti-Sex League of which Julia was a member. But, Julia was also a rebel and she played the game as long as she could.  Children would turn their parents into the authorities as all loyal members of the state were spies. There is much in this book friends and it is all highly relevant to today's state of affairs in modern America. It is about power and the ability of those with that power to make humans non-human and to accept Big Brother and to love him. Even the rebels ended up loving Him before they were liquidated of course. The name of the game is control friends and to understand that is to understand everything that occurs around and within us.

 Have a nice day. And, if you are a Canucks fan:  Go Canucks Go?  PS. I am not a hockey fan friends.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gladys Baydala is glad to be alive at 85

Gladys Baydala
is glad
to be alive at 85

Happy Birthday

 Gladys Baydala!

June 20, 2011

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Carl Baydala Pulls the Plug

Feature Report

Courier Press International

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Carl Baydala Pulls the Plug

William Charmichael and Alice McNab, staff reporters, CPI. Vancouver, BC. Sunday May 8, 2011.

 ......In a surprise move, veteran courier,  Carl Baydala announced his official retirement late last week. Baydala, a twenty year courier professional told reporters that his full retirement would not take place until Friday next. 
 Although semi-retired for the last three years, his move to full retirement continues to shock many observers.
" Not everyone is aware of my decision at this time. " Baydala revealed to reporters. And, that statement was indeed corroborated from discussions with his former employer Corporate Couriers, based in Vancouver, B.C. Management staff confirmed that Carl had indeed given his notice, simply by stating that it was time to ' pull the plug. ' There was no further comment given by his former employer. They too were apparently surprised by Baydala's snap decision.

Carl Baydala is a seasoned courier professional and spent the most productive part of his life in this role in the City of Vancouver and the surrounding municipalities, commonly known as the Greater Vancouver district or Lower Fraser Valley region. He served doggedly and aimed for the highest standards in the challenging field of the fast paced delivery business. Carl had become a model and inspiration to many of his peers in the industry. His time spent in the business was testimony to his commitment.

 " It's a great job and I love it. I don't think I could have asked for a better career than the courier business. It's a great match for my personality and my life ambitions. It really is like the carnival business where I started out working as a teenager. The jobs are similar in many respects; both involve a lot of people contact, driving, and just plain old working hard. I mean, when you think about it, there is no gain with no pain. And, like the carnival business you have to stick and stay to make it pay. " Carl chuckled to himself as he rattled off some of his favourite old sayings. Carl told staff reporters that he had no idea that he was going to windup as courier. He recalled the story of his life and the events of early 1983. He detailed his life as a teenager working in the carnival business and how this job paid for his university education. Carl graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1973. He graphically explained the conditions that he was working with in the restaurant management business in 1983 and how this career came to an abrupt ending. " I didn't know what to do, but I knew that I had to do something. Oh, I could have gone full time into the carnival business and made a go of things, but instead I decided to try something brand new and exciting. I decided to become a courier and I just went out and bought a new truck and dove right in. In fact, if you examine my history you will see that I make quick business decisions and then just implement them. "

And, implement them he did indeed. He started off his career in 1987 with Nova Messengers.  The Company was one of the leading courier companies in the City at that time. This Company is now called Novex.  Like all beginning couriers Carl had to learn the ropes. There is no other way to learn the courier business except on the job training. All couriers have to earn their stripes as it were. You have to know where the parking spots are and use the loading docks and the lanes. You have to learn the streets and you have to remember addresses, one way streets and you have to know the good routes from the bad ones. It takes a lot of work and it is stressful sometimes. You are constantly dealing with other drivers and their mannerisms. The good and bad experiences can make or break your day. But, if you are persistent and dedicated then you will learn to survive and to make money. These are the thoughts of Carl Baydala as he was trying to explain the business to us.

" And, don't forget about the customer. Treat that customer with respect and they will take care of you. People remember the little things and how you treat them.  And, that is why it is important to interact favourably with receptionists and shipper receivers and the like. These are the front line people and you as courier are representing the company. So, don't ever forget these things. "

Carl had nothing but praise for the company that would be the longest lasting employer that he ever had.

" I have to tell you that not all courier companies are the same. I had worked for a few others before finally settling down at Corporate. Corporate Couriers is a very successful company and it has earned many service awards in the City of Vancouver during its 30 year history. Customer service is the key to its success. The dispatcher and the courier must work together to get the job done. The dispatcher is probably the most important guy in the organization. He is part of the management team so don't forget that. He needs to know company policy, driving situations and the ability of his drivers. He also has to be firmly committed to pleasing each and every customer. On time deliveries are a huge deal in the company and that is where our success comes from. When our customers are paying premium rates for service we do not want to let them down. In fact, that is where our success comes from, just by sticking to the basics like getting the delivery done on time. Some competitors do not even adhere to this one basic goal of the same day courier business. But, it is the most important thing imaginable. Another key to our successs I would say is the treatment of drivers by management. Some companies will try and achieve profit or fixing management mistakes by taking it out of the hides of drivers and bikers. Corporate Couriers never did that because they didn't have to - and didn't want to.  And, that says a lot if you ask me. "

For some final thoughts I asked Carl for his current impressions of the business and where it was headed. I also asked him what he was going to do with all of his spare time.  He informed me that much of the success of his business was related to the construction industry and the ability keep long term corporate clients. He stated that the company was lucky to have a good steady base of successful businesses in their own right. He thought that their successes were complimentary.  He closed out by talking about the current stresses on the job. Traffic congestion, and particularly construction were huge issue for couriers and their on time commitments. Other problems are the losses of important loading zones which the City has taken away from the courier. " It is like an ever tightening screw and it just gets worse and worse. " Carl exclaimed.
High fuel costs and speeders, Road Ragers and tailgaters are big negatives too. So, there are lots of things to be critical about and not all is rosy in the courier business. " But, it's a tough job and somebody  has to do it. I did my share and I survived even as the screw tightened around me.. it did not suffocate me necessarily, all that I am saying that it was time to pull the plug. I think everyone in their own situation reaches that conclusion sooner or later. "

I asked Carl what he was going to do for excitement now that his courier career was over.

" Well, I am not going to stop going to the racetrack on Saturday so you can count on that. Also, I do spend lots of time on my computer studying things so I am not going to be bored at all. Lots of house work to do and maybe just take a drive or two when it is  sunny out. I think I am going to enjoy myself and I am not apprehensive at all. "

Carl's official retirement begins on Friday, May 13, 2011.

Courier Press International

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Onward Christian Soldiers: Battleground Canada

Onward Christian Soldiers

Battleground Canada

Well, welcome to the election of 2011 friends. That's right, here in Canada we now have an election on our hands. Oh, it is more than just an election of course. It is a political battle to the finish that is what it will be. The Stephen Harper Government has fallen and now it is time to get the soldiers into the battlefield and inflict the necessary mortal wounds upon the enemy.

The enemy friends is Stephen Harper and what he stands for. In my opinion, he does not represent mainstream Canada. His focus is limited to his vision of Canada and what he wants to achieve and those things I believe are not in the interest of our great nation. Stephen Harper wants to change our country and make it look more like the U.S. I don't think the majority of Canadians want that to happen. So, once they realize what the Stephen Harper agenda really is then I think they will all be on board to defeat the man who has just lost the confidence of the House of Commons.

Having lost the confidence of the parliament of Canada and forfeiting his right to govern means that it is every one's duty who believes in Canada to do the right thing. And, the right thing is to remove this man from the corridors of power before it is too late. So, that is why I have titled this blog entry " Onward Christian Soldiers ". I think there are in fact many God-believing citizens in our country. Christians are good people and can be responsible Canadians like all the rest. But, they are being led by a Christian man, namely Stephen Harper who, as I said would do Canada wrong. We need to let the Christians who vote for him know that. And, that is why I am bringing Jesus Christ on board to help out with the cause. Now, I am not a practicing Christian myself, but I think you can appreciate that politics does indeed make strange bedfellows and that is why Jesus and I are now friends. We just have a lot in common that is all.

 You will notice from previous blog entries that Jesus and I are friends on facebook. Well, I plan to be having a meeting with Jesus soon enough to find out what we can do to change the tide in Canada. Jesus is a great ally and friend to have on board in these troubled times. So, I hope that all of you Christians and right minded thinking Canadians join us in the battle to remove Stephen Harper from the political landscape once and for all. D - Day is May 2nd. so see you there at the battle of the century here in Canada.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Canadian Perspective

The Canadian Perspective

by Carl Baydala

I have to tell you friends that things are OK by me in this part of the world. Canada is a very fortunate place in which to live. We have a very small population relative to our land size, we are a stable democracy and all of the people that I know are basically happy individuals and glad to be Canadians just like myself.

How does a country get to be so fortunate and how does it survive so happily when there is so much trouble in the world?  I mean, poverty and war occurs in so many parts of the world and in such frequency as well. In the last couple of years there has even been a financial meltdown and many people world wide are suffering as a consequence of that. Our neighbour to the south is experiencing terrible fiscal problems all around and many have lost their homes and their jobs. The middle classes are essentially being decimated, and the few assets they have left are quickly being depleted. Their financial and political power is evaporating in front of them, yet Canada survives basically intact.

What is so special about Canada?  Canada has a lot going for it of course otherwise it would been sucked into the vortex long ago. Why didn't Canada experience the same kinds of problems that the US did for example? We are both modern democracies with laissez faire capitalist systems are we not? Canada has a good supply of natural resources and good management and well trained workers.  And, ditto for the US. We are both advanced economies as they say. On the surface of things we both appear to be blessed. But, there are differences as I think you can appreciate. The main difference between Canada and the US I think is the political system itself and how it operates.

The US political system is highly driven by money. Politicians appear to be bought and sold like so many automobiles on a given day. This means of course that good policy that would have a positive effect on the whole nation might not naturally come about. Since money is the thing that drives things, it is the people with money itself that are favoured under that kind of system. That is why in the States the percentage of people who hold great wealth decreases daily. They have bought and paid for political results. Look at what the financial barons on Wall Street got away with - and continue to get away with.  The elites who control the economy and the politicians grow more powerful year by year. On the other hand, the so-called middle classes get poorer and poorer. And, this is certainly manifested in political events and decisions as well. Look at the recent events in Wisconsin, for example to see how even those with relatively more power than the truly down and out are finally being affected by politics and money. It is a virtual war in the US friends, a war in which those with power want ultimate control, at any cost and consequence whatsoever.

No such thing is occurring in Canada. And, just look how close with live to the States. You'd think that like in the Middle East when the revolutions started that it would have the same type of collateral effect, but not so here in Canada. You'd think that the middle classes would be under serious attack here in Canada and not just in the US.   Now, the current Conservative Regime in Canada is just a smaller version of the Republican Party in the US. ( Don't misundersand me here, I know that at the present time there is no real difference between Republicans and Democrats since they are both driven by money ) But, they do NOT  have the same kind of power as their counterparts in the US.  This is the basic difference between Canada and the US and that is what I am trying to point out to  you tonight. The Canadian mentality, at present, will not allow the Republican/capitalism gone wild mentality to take hold in this country, and that is in spite of the fact that the political party in power that we have  would act in the very same way as a Republican Party if they had the power to do so. I think the recent relevations about Conservative contempt of Parliament is testimony that they would like to subvert democracy, but the Canadian people will not let them. That is my hope at least.  But, they do not and that is why Canada is different than the US and that is why we are not experiencing the same kinds of problems as our brothers and sisters are south of the border.

Canada is structurally sound and we believe in the rule of law ( contrast this idea with what is happening or not happening in the US for example; think of the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, a proper investigation into 9/11, and ask yourself why no one on Wall Street has been indicted for financial fraud ) and that is why we survive relatively unscathed. Our resources are a huge plus as I am sure you can imagine. But, there is more to it than resources otherwise we would just be another Middle Eastern dictatorship now wouldn't we?  Of course, and that is the key to our staying on top of things. Power is a very important feature of society friends and it needs to be  distributed evenly otherwise you run the risk of ruining your nation. And, the power in our country friends comes from knowing the difference between right and wrong and sharing the wealth, as is humanly and politically possible, that is. At least we try and that is the point of the whole thing. The Stephen Harper government is a minority one for the very reasons that I have listed above. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Carnival Business:1965 to 1995

The Carnival Business:

1965 to 1995

' The Elephant in the Room '

Above picture is Playland Amusement Park
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Friends, I have to tell you that the ' Elephant in the Room ' for me is the carnival business. Here I am over five years into my blog and I have not detailed for you any serious information at all about the carnival business. This was my first job as a teenager, but it was to become much more than that because this is the business that carried me through my teenage years and forward into many of my adult years as well. This occupation would extend into over thirty years of my life in fact, but mostly it was concentrated in the sixties and the seventies and into the early 1980's as well.  It bought me my motorcycles and my cars and it paid for my university education and it kept me going while I tried to to get a full time job after completing university; it was always my insurance or backup job.  It provided me with a unique education in the business of life and laid the groundwork for my business background as well. After my initial employment at the Amusement Park I would travel a great deal throughout the western provinces of Canada, working with various carnival companies ' playing ' small towns and the large urban centers as well.

The picture above is Playland Amusement Park in Vancouver, B. C. This is what it looked like in 1965 and this is what it looks like today as well. The midway had partially burned down just about the time I started working there. Once restored and put back to life they called it ' The Million Dollar Midway '  I am not sure if that was meant to be a joke or not.  I started off  my working career as a ' ball boy '  in the ' One Ball ' concession. I did mention this detail of my life briefly in a previous post. I was a very energetic teenager and eager to perform in my job. I was physically very fit and quick at my new job. I was proud to be ' the fastest ball boy that Playland ever saw ' ( my interpretation ) and that is in spite of the fact that I was now quite a heavy smoker.  In the photo above the last concession or ' joint ' at the end of the midway was mine. ( After a couple of years as a ball boy I would graduate and become another ' agent ' or concessionaire and being in charge of the management and operation of an individual store. ) That is where I operated the ' slingshot ' joint. I worked in other locations on the midway, but this was to become my concession when Playland opened up in the Springtime. I worked here on the weekends while I was still attending school.

The carnival business was different back in those days, when I first entered the business, that is. It has matured as a business of course, but I was lucky I suppose because I experienced the real thing back in 1965; real carnival action, that is. That's right. At the very beginning of my career as a ball boy I was learning that people could be conned and they wouldn't even know that it was happening to them. Even a simple carnival concession such as the One Ball had a ' gaffe ' to it. People are throwing a soft ball trying to tip over three milk bottles. The configuration is that one bottle is sitting atop two on the bottom; the two bottles underneath are filled with lead and the one on top is much lighter and very easy to knock over; they are all painted the same white colour and appear to be identical.   Most people cannot tip these bottles over  unless they are a very good shot and are able to put some strength into their efforts. The point is of course that we could let people win when we wanted to. And, that was part of my job description as a ball boy. When the ' agent ' or concessionaire in charge of the joint wanted to let someone win so as to encourage him or her to spend more money,  he would simply yell out to me: " set em up. "  And, that would be my directive of course to place one of the heavier bottles on top so as to make the game much easier for the ' mark ' or ' mooch ' throwing the balls.  And, this was my introduction to the wonderful world of the carnival business as a young teenage boy.

Lots of the other games had gaffs too, and I worked in many of them. The whole idea of the carnival business was to gain the confidence of the customer. You were dealing with people and you wanted them to spend as much of their money as possible. I worked in the ' Hanky Panks ' or the stores that gave away plush toys and other smaller toys. But, later on  I would work in the ' PC ' or percentage joints as well. These are the gambling joints and they are a very big deal in Vancouver and all over Canada in fact. I remember looking forward to the summer fair or the PNE ( Pacific National Exhibition ) This was always the most exciting time in the business because this when most of the money came in. Anyhow, our amusement park was run by Americans and every year many Americans travelled up from the States  to work the Fair. I worked with many of these Americans and became their friends in fact. I learned a great deal by working with some of these individuals. They were very good concessionaires and they were very smooth operators indeed. This is not to say that our own Canadians were not excellent operators because many were just as good as anybody else. But, I remember one of the gambling operations that came up for the Fair. In particular, I remember the team that came up and operated the ' Pea Game '. This is a table game enclosed under canvas ( a stick joint ) and it is set up right on the midway across from the concessions themselves. There were a number of these joints situated in different parts of the park during the PNE. This is when I learned about the concept of ' shills ' or as we called them ' sticks '. During the early opening hours when things were slow each joint would have people who were pretending to play the game. They were called ' sticks ' because they stuck to the joint and they made out like real players. Nobody knew any different of course and once a ' tip ' or crowd  built up then the sticks could gradually quit playing the game. It was all fascinating to me of course and there were many other wonderful discoveries and insights just waiting to be uncovered....

....to be continued

photo of Playland Amusement Park
found in Wikimedia