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Friday, August 19, 2011

Why did God really create woman?

Why did God really
create woman?

An honest enquiry don't you think friends?  Why does the Almighty deem it necessary to create something called: The Woman?  Or, for that matter why even Man? As a Being that can do anything at will why even bother creating something like the sexes at all?  There is no ordained reason to get involved in the sexes if one does not have to as there are numerous, if not an infinite number of things for God to create in order to amuse Himself. But, He chose Man - and then He chose Woman.

Some women get upset of course because God chose to create Man first, and then Woman. I mean, it could just as easily have been the other way around now couldn't it?  For surely you need a Woman to produce a Man after all. So, if a Woman was to get upset about the whole thing it wouldn't take much for most of us to back her up on her complaint. But, that is not the way God did things. He is a Man after all as we know Him to be. So, why wouldn't He choose to have Man as the more important creature in Creation?  As the Biblical story goes Woman was created to serve Man. What fun would it be in the world without Woman anyway?  And, just how would Man survive without company or how would he have offspring without the Woman?  Woman serves a necessary purpose for Man as we understand humanity. Woman is a vital part of humanity.  She is a sexual and social partner for Man.

But, did God really have to create Man and then Woman to begin with? Seems like He created all the matter and all of the other things necessary to make a functioning universe. He made an untold number of things and other things that we call creatures. These are the living and breathing things of the universe. He didn't have to create Man exactly like He did and He didn't have to create the notion of morality or something like Free Will. These ideas seem to be part of the characteristics of Man and Woman. Don't you ever wonder why God chose to create a creature called Man in the first place? If you are a human being then you know what I am talking about. But, I am sure that there are other creatures in the universe that do not know what a human being is. And, we could just have easily have been any number of creatures or things. But, no, God had to create the human being.

The human being is an amazing creature actually. It is something that thinks and has emotions. It also has needs that it needs to survive,  and something called sexual desire as well. And, this is the area that we need to focus on: sexual desire.  Why did God create sexual desire?  There is no inherent reason to have sexual desire. Not really. Sure, it is a handy thing for fun and it helps the sexes to have offspring, but nothing in the universe says that it is totally necessary. Other things can multiply and exist without the benefit of sexual desire.  Cells and other living organisms just find ways to keep on living and to reproduce themselves. But, we live on this place called Earth where all the animals that we know about engage in sex and some kind of sexual desire. Man is especially gifted in the area of sex because he thinks about it all of the time and he knows that this is the thing which enables him to multiply and to continue his existence.  And, man has come to know that he needs to find a Woman to help him out with his sexual desires and his wanting to have children.  So, Woman is an important thing to have around for it aids Man in his most basic of activities. But, don't you think that maybe God overdid things a bit by creating Woman? Now, I don't want to get all of the ladies against me so just assume for the sake of argument that I am referring to your problem as well - if you think you have a problem, that is. But, since I really do not know how a Woman thinks I am going to use the example of Woman as a problem for Man.

That's right friends, Woman is a problem for Man - and there is no reason why she has to be. God gave Woman a great deal of power by creating her. A Man living alone without the knowledge of Woman could very easily survive in the world - if God wanted it to be that way. I am sure that God in His wisdom could have easily devised some kind of system whereby Man could reproduce if that was to be one of his goals in creating Man in the first place. Any manner of technique could have been introduced to bring forth offspring. Imagination is a great thing and God was loaded with it. The sky is the limit when it comes to creation and what to do with it. God, in His wisdom decided to make Man a sexual being. Sex and Man were to become synonymous. So, the problem for God was how to introduce sex into the life of Man.  And, his answer was the Woman. But, not just any kind of Woman of course, but an equally active sexual creature  just like Man. So, these two creatures, Man and Woman would have something in common, namely sexual desire.  But, one has to wonder if God ever stopped to consider the consequences of introducing sex to Man via the Woman.  Man's focus in life would now be sexual desire and that desire would translate into power for the Woman. By extension then we have to consider the idea that God created Woman for Man to  help him understand the idea of power. But, it would be a certain kind of power; one derived from the power of lust. Can we believe that when Man is confronted by a beautiful Woman that his sole aim his to have offspring or is he more interested in the sexual contact; in satisfying his sexual desire?  The answer is simple of course. In Woman Man senses satisfaction of the most basic form, that of sexual gratification.

The Bible tells us that Man needed a Woman for a companion and to help  out in his survival. I think you will readily agree that God went all out when he created Woman. He made her strikingly beautiful and a temptation for Man. This temptation of course puts Man at a disadvantage - but, not entirely.  For, we also know that in the Bible Woman was cursed by God for she was tempted by the Devil. But, then who else could have made that happen but God?  So, not only did God create a beautiful creature in the Woman, but he also blamed her for tempting Man. So, the Woman would be destined to serve Man. Maybe this is just God's way of tempering the charms and powers of the Woman. He needed to neutralize her since He created such a powerful force. But, this explanation still doesn't explain for us why God invented Woman in the first place, or for that matter, Man. But, He did these things and as humans we know of their consequences. I think the answer is rather simple though. God is an all-knowing and all-doing Entity. He can create anything He wants and where and how He wants. I believe that  God created Man to explain things like morality and pain and suffering and power and the like. How else to explain the things that humans experience except by creating something called a human being? And, how can you have something like lust if it cannot be explained through Man and his relations with Woman? How else would you properly explain something like lust if you did not create the Woman as its expression? God knew that He had to create that perfect setup that would properly explain these things to His friends in the universe. They would need concrete examples and they would need to feel and experience these things themselves and they could only do that through the human being. The Woman needed to be beautiful and to be sensuous so as to gain the full impact of the kind of emotions that she could generate.   And, yet in the same breath of lust God speaks of love as well. What is this thing called love then and how does it fit into the sexes and their experiences of lust?  How would God explain love?  Could it even be done knowing what we know about the sexes?  Well. leave it up to God of course. That's right, even God found a way to overcome lust and to make make Man appreciate the Woman as friend and not simply as a sexual object or tool for the making of children. God created the power object of Woman and then He neutralized that power; He tempered it.  Human life is about meaning. Life must have a purpose or it is not worth living. And, that is why God created Man. In everything imaginable is man; all is explained.  And, what does Man see when he sees a Woman? He sees his future that is what he sees. According to God there is no future without the sexes. In Man and Woman is meaning.   And, that is why God created Woman.

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