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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Looking at 9/11 Ten Years Later

Looking at 9/11

Ten Years Later

by Carl Baydala

September 11, 2011

Good morning friends. Today is September 11, 2011. It is exactly ten years later after the Big Event - September 11, 2001. If you were alive ten years ago and able to experience the Event then I am sure you remember what you were doing on that fateful day.

I was on my annual vacation and it was certainly a beautiful sunny day, just like in New York.  I was glued to my television and watching and listening to stock market data. And, then came the images of the planes crashing into the towers, and the rest is history as they say. That's right, we have ten years of history under our belts now regarding 9/11.

As for the attacks themselves, most of us immediately felt empathy toward the US and its victims. Did the country really deserve to be attacked by Muslim terrorists? Well, that is what we were being told, that Arab terrorists, 19 of them in fact, had successfully attacked the most protected and powerful nation on earth.

Do you believe the Official story about 9/11 and how it was supposed to have happened according to the government?  Initially, I think most people did, and many still do. It would be easy to believe that Muslims, and people like Osama bin Laden perhaps,  were were involved. It didn't take long for the mainstream media, in fact,  to start fingering people like Bin Laden, and indeed,  it was happening almost immediately.  He did have a history of terrorism after all and he would become the number one suspect and the main suspect of the attack.

However, a lot of strange things were happening on that day in the eastern part of the US. Things that most people were not conscious of. First and foremost of course is the fact that 19 Muslims terrorists had successfully penetrated the most advanced security system in the world. They had beaten the odds at airport security checkpoints and even after hijacking numerous planes were not intercepted or shot down for violating air space rules. This would have been standard procedure of course, but not on that day.  Even the vice president of the United States himself, Mr. Dick Cheney, was conducting war games of a similar nature as to what was occurring in real life. He was in charge of everything on that day it seems like. And, it was he who was to give the orders to " stand down " and to not intercept the intruding aircraft. So, for whatever reason, the terrorists were going to be wittingly or otherwise, aided by the vice president. The co-ordinated attack effort was going to be allowed to proceed.

In the meantime, President Bush was sitting in a classroom in Florida observing an elementary school teacher and her teaching methods. In the course of this event we watched on television as an aid is apparently informing the President of the the attacks taking place in New York. The President does not feel that it is necessary to leap into action and  help with the business of protecting his country. Everything is apparently in good hands. He remains seated in the classroom and appears to have a blank stare about him.

The attacks in New York and at the Pentagon continue. Later on, an airplane has apparently crashed or has been shot down over Pennsylvania. Both the twin towers at the World Trade Center have been hit and both will crumble to the ground. Eye witnesses talk about numerous explosions occurring as the buildings were falling into their own footprints. Their collapse has the appearance to many of a ' controlled demolition '.  Nearby, another building, namely Building 7, will also fall to the ground in controlled demolition style as well, and that is in spite of the fact that this building was not hit by an airplane. And, over at the Pentagon we are being told that an airplane has attacked that structure too. And, once again, this aircraft has beaten the odds and evaded the heavy security surrounding the area.

The Official Conspiracy Theory as provided by the George Bush government explains to us that this was a co-ordinated Muslim attack upon America. The terrorists beat the odds and had struck successfully at the heart of capitalism and knocked down the grandest phallic symbols of all time, namely the Twin Towers. The Muslims were getting even with the US.  It was time to retaliate against The Great Satan for the wrongs that it had perpetrated upon the Muslim world.  This was their story and they stuck to it, and they have been sticking to it for the last ten years. There is no reason to change their version of things because to do so would simply cause unnecessary and burdensome problems anyway. It was this attack and the Government's version of it that would allow them to pursue a policy of war against Muslims and to perform preventative war to secure and protect Americans. Islamofascism had been born.

It is a nice story of course except a lot of people do not believe the Government now and their fight against terrorism and Muslim wrong doers. They see flaws in the Official Story that instigated the wars and many wonder why they are so secretive about the whole event. There are no plane parts or terrorist bodies at the Pentagon and the entry point of the attack more closely resembles that of a  missile intrusion. That a large commercial aircraft hit the Pentagon is in doubt. The video cameras surrounding the Pentagon were confiscated and we are not being allowed to see these videos. If everything is on the up and up then why the secrecy?  Doesn't the Government simply defeat itself by not being more forthcoming with the evidence?  And, the same thing with the black boxes that were found at the Towers. They are being held under lock and key. What are they hiding and what are they afraid of?

More and more people are now convinced that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down by controlled demolition. Larry Silverstein, the owner of Building 7 informs us that the fire department recommended ' pulling the building ' How does one pull a building if it is not pre-wired for such an event to occur?  The Official Story line is that the heat caused by the burning jet fuel weakened the metal frames of the Twin Towers and thus caused their collapse.  But, we also know that in modern history no  office structure made of steel  has ever fallen due to a fire. Yet, on September 11, 2001 three  buildings on one day lay claim to bucking history, and they simply broke down.

No bodies of any terrorists are found in any of the buildings affected by the attacks. There are no videos at any of the airports identifying any terrorists and there are no flight records with the terrorists' names on them. After the initial publication of  the names of the 19 Arab terrorists we find that many of these individuals are still alive, only their identities have been stolen. Perhaps, in its haste to put a case together the Government simply gathered up some convenient names and pictures. But, it certainly puts a damper on their official story as you can imagine.

There are numerous other oddities concerning the Event that really only provide fodder for conspiracy theorists and to those who otherwise would not have anything to do with the official government line. Why is Dick Cheney playing war games on the very day of the attack, war games that involve airplanes crashing into buildings?  Who are the instigators of the put options on American and United Airlines?  Why does Zim shipping of Israel pull out of its contract in the Towers a month before the attack?  How does Lucky Larry Silverstein have the wherewithal to purchase terrorism insurance, to be fortunate enough to have an appointment that makes  him late for work that day and how does his building fall in a controlled mode if it was not pre-wired?  And, the same question for the Twins themselves of course. Who wired them up and when did they have the opportunity to do so?  Why are workers at the Pentagon busy carting away evidence from a crime scene and why was all of the debris from the Towers quickly shipped off to Asia?  If the Government was interested in justice and getting to the heart of the crime then why so much suspicious behavior?

Within a month after the attack Afghanistan is invaded. The Taliban will not give up Bin laden since there is no evidence that he had anything to do with the crime. The US has no answers for the Taliban of course and they simply invade the country; it is a pre-emptive strike against terrorism.  At this stage in the game nobody is really questioning the US Government and its motives. America was attacked by Muslims after all and the ringleader was apparently Bin laden himself. Except, as we have pointed out there is no proof whatsoever to back up this claim.

The US however, does not stop with Afghanistan in its quest to root out evil in the world. The next target is Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Apparently he has weapons of mass destruction and he is a threat to US security. On March 19, 2003 the country is invaded and subsequently destroyed. The US builds a billion dollar embassy in Baghdad just for good measure. So, it would appear that the US is in Iraq for the long haul. I don't think Saddam Hussein ever thought that he was going to be collateral damage from the attacks on the Twin Towers, but there you have it.  The rest if history as they say.

The US is still in Afghanistan and Iraq ten years later. This is one of the profoundest results of the attack of course, the retaliation part. Some people think that 9/11 was a ' False Flag ' event or that it was an inside government job aided by the CIA or even the MOSSAD of  Israel. We cannot make these kinds of judgments without more proof and a more detailed investigation of course. But, we do know that it was a highly co-ordinated attack and that a lot of things had to happen to allow the attackers to be successful. You have to be your own judge in these matters. Did 19 Arab hijackers do the job? If the majority of them were from Saudi Arabia as the authorities tell us then why didn't they attack Saudi Arabia first?  Why Afghanistan and then why Iraq?  And, does the evidence even come close to supporting the Official story?  Why does the mainstream media shy away from any real study of the event and why aren't they clamoring for a new investigation if millions of their customers are?

Americans are now paying trillions of dollars for war caused by the attacks ten years ago today. Their freedoms have been curtailed as a result of the Patriot Act and many have to suffer indignities when they go through security at airports. There are many reports of Arab terrorist threats and coded warning levels for terrorism attacks.  But, for the most part these things come to naught. It is just government doing government as a result of the tragedy ten years ago today. If you do not support the government's war efforts you might be labelled unpatriotic. You cannot even criticize the government or engage in peaceful protest against the current wars. You could fall under investigation and even be charged with aiding terrorism. Now, that is a fine place to be now isn't it?  Yes, friends, 9/11 ten years later and just look where we are. An event that nobody really knows who did; it caused wars, trillion dollar debts, and an erosion of personal liberty. And, they say that there is sunshine at the end of the tunnel. September is a great month friends here in the northern part of the world. You are more than likely to enjoy sunshine on a bright September day. Today is a brilliant and warm day.  The memories of 9/11 are only reinforced of course if you have the pleasure to experience yet another bright sunny day. Think of the thousands who lost their lives on that day, the ones jumping out of buildings in fact or the firefighters risking their lives and doing their job,  and then think of the many thousands more who perished as a result of the government's reaction to that event.

You are entirely free to believe in the Official Conspiracy Theory if you want to. And, in fact many still do. Many of these people are actually surprised that so many people would question their government and its motives. Well, my message for these people is to simply study the event and look at the evidence. Think of being in a court of law and being charged with the responsibility of convicting 19 Arab terrorists for the crime of 9/11. You should be so lucky of course because the government is doing everything it can to not make that happen. ... But, I digress of course. At least examine the evidence. Look at motive and look at opportunity. Look at everything that you need to in order to ' figure ' out 9/11, including who you think would have the best opportunity and know how  to carry out the attack. I think if you do that you will at least become a skeptic. And, that just might be the first step on the road to one's individual truth about 9/11. And, that is the way that I see things ten years later.  Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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