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Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Night At The Races

Dear Friends,

Finally made it to the track ( Fraser Downs -
http://fraserdowns.com/ ) after a couple of weekends off; was sick last weekend and had to work at the ranch the weekend before. But, finally made it and I am always happy to go to the track. It is fun to get a night out and be with friends and fellow racetrack enthusiasts. The girls who work there are always good-natured and like to kid around too. I do not give them a hard time because I used to deal with a lot of people in the carnival business and I know how weird some people can be. Most racetrack customers are very understanding people and like myself they are there to make money and to try to have a good time. There are also some very serious players. Like myself, I am a serious player most of the time; thinking about my system and winning money. It is a racetrack afterall. As usual I bet my regular 'system' when I am at the track. This system is something I put together over the years and I always rely on it when I am there. I will explain the system in detail in a future report. The system has worked fairly well for me and it allowed me to break even four out of the last five years. That doesn't sound like much I know, but consider all of the entertainment that I have gotten for nothing. Just think of spending $150 dollars every Saturday night for ten months, times five years and see what that adds up to. Well, thankfully for me it adds up to nothing ( except this year ) because like I said I broke even for four years in a row. This year has been a disappointment and I have found myself betting at another track because my favourite track has underperformed. My main track is the Meadowlands in New Jersey
http://www.thebigm.com/) and my alternate track is Woodbine ( http://www.woodbineentertainment.com/qct/default.asp )in Toronto. Now, for the people who simply do not know about these things you just go to your local track and bet these far away tracks and watch them on the track televisions. ( simulcast betting ). You can bet the thoroughbreds or the standardbreds (harness). I focus on the harness racing with my system. Well, sometimes I just stay home and bet on my computer too. I have an account with Woodbine and I can do everything that I could do at the track on my home computer, and that includes watching the races live on my computer. But, anyhow, tonight I bet
both The Meadowlands and Woodbine. Woodbine made me more money, because there is 'something' wrong with the Meadowlands right now. I devised my system with the Meadowlands in mind because, in the past, it has been the most consistent for me. My system that I use works at both tracks and on a good night when things are really working well, you can break even or maybe walk out with a couple of hundred or even a thousand in your pocket. Well, tonight the profits were about $155 dollars. So, that was OK by me. But, as I said before I am experiencing a losing year overall. But,if you know anything about my character, I am not a quitter and I just keep plugging away. There is an old carnival expression that I like to employ. I used it when I was running games of chance and games of skill on the carnival circuit. And, that expression is: stick and stay and make it pay. That might as well be my lifetime slogan. Anyway that is all for now. Will give you all a detailed report on my system sometime in the future. You might want to use it yourself, but I am warning you now. Do not expect any miracles with it because it is just another way to play the horses and there is no such thing as a sure thing at the races. The main thing is the entertainment and the chance to impress people with your wins, when you win of course. That is the fun part. Everybody likes to win and everyone likes to brag about it. I think
that is a big part of racing - getting to show off. It is called being a human being. That's all for now...

Copyright: Carl Baydala 2006

posted by Carl Baydala at 10:44 PM


panda cookie said...

Good to hear you had fun at the track!

KingJames said...

How do I find the picks
I am a little slow.