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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hi Guys. Still Alive and Fighting


It is really a sunny day here in beautiful Surrey, BC. I think I will cut the grass because I am in such a good mood. Will be at the track ( Cloverdale ) not next weekend, but the next one. Saturday night, of course. I simply have too much work to do over at the ranch. Last year was quite a good year in the courier business, but this year seems to be slowing down a bit, although the first quarter was quite brisk. I am wondering if the steady rise in interest rates is starting to have an effect on the business. But, the courier business remains interesting because every month and each new year brings surprises. All you can do as an owner operator is to count up at the end of the year. There is no sense whatsoever in getting anxious about day to day events. I spent over twenty years in the carnival business too so I am used to fluctuations and uncertainty. I simply remain confident that things will work out in the end. One has to keep a positive attitude even in uncertain times.

PS I decided to delete my memo today because after all this is an important area for me and I do not want to screw things up too badly. My life is not yet over and anything can happen.