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Monday, January 24, 2011

Bachelor Philosopher Number Seven: Jesus Christ

Bachelor Philosopher Number Seven:

Jesus Christ

I don't think any writer would have the temerity to underestimate the importance of Jesus Christ to Western civilization, and particularly, its religious and consequent political development. But, there are the detractors of course and many of these originate from the center of the Abrahamic religions themselves, and that is to say, that certain elements of Judaism do not have much use for the man, Jesus Christ at all. The early Jews, believers in the Old Testament and its prophesies, did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah, nor as the Son of God. He was more likely seen as an irritant and one who should be removed so as not to cause further harm and political unrest.  More on this aspect of Jesus Christ later on the presentation.

Both Christianity and Islam revere the philosopher known as Jesus Christ. I am taking the liberty here of identifying Jesus Christ as a philosopher, for what else could he be described as anything but a philosopher? He tried to portray his view of the world upon man; He was God's representative on earth and he died for our sins; through the acceptance of Jesus Christ one could get to Heaven and be with God. Followers of  Islam did not take nearly the generous views of Christ as the Christians did; they did not think of Him as God, nor did they believe in the crucifixion of Jesus. He was to be honored as an important prophet such as Mohammad and as another worldly human who could tell us what God was like and what He expected of us in terms of human behavior. Through believing in the prophets man could achieve his place in Heaven next to God or Allah.

The name Jesus means ' savior ' and  Christ means ' anointed. '   Jesus was a bachelor and a philosopher and that is why I am spending some time on Him here. He belongs on my blog and in my thoughts. As a bachelor philosopher you may appreciate that there might be similarities among us, such as was the case when I was discussing the bachelor philosophers Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche. The latter two philosophers had romantic problems ( Schopenhauer in particular ) which I can certainly relate to. And, as you might expect their experiences would somehow show up in their philosophies,  and in their attitudes toward women.

But, Jesus Christ and myself come together on altogether different terms. I would call it a political similarity. Not only was Jesus a rabbi ( teacher ), but he  was a rebel and he was working against the powers that be.  And, that has been my lot in life as well as you will have noted by reading my blog. Read this post here and you will see what I am talking about. And, this post here where my rebellion and independence shows up. Jesus was crucified for his behavior and I was fired. Both events happened on a Friday and by all accounts Jesus was roughly 34 years old as I was myself in the year 1983.  And, what got the job done was our beliefs and our attitudes. We were both fighting for something and we were against something. And, that is our common bond.

Now Jesus had a ministry and he had a following; he had disciples. I should be so lucky of course. But, the philosopher Jesus believed strongly in something and that was the salvation of mankind, through belief in Him and what He stood for. He could save mankind from sin if only they would believe in Him.  By His actions a world-wide religion would be created. His beliefs and ideas were that strong and that is why they have survived, whether they be in the Christian or the Islamic form.

 But, as I stated at the beginning, there are the detractors to Jesus and what he represents. Why are the Jews and the rabbis throughout history against Jesus Christ and what He represents? Was it not they in fact who were instrumental in the execution of Jesus? You can read and hear about the controversies and decide for yourself ( see videos below ) whether or  not it was Jesus's fellow Jews who did Him in, or something or someone else who was ultimately responsible for the deed. There is more involved of course than just the crucifixion itself. Jesus is rejected, I think, because He is a threat to Judaism. What is Judaism?  Judaism is an ego centric religion that lays its foundation on a relationship with a people and a God. That God and that people will share wealth and glory together; that is the essence of Judaism as I understand it. ( For a better understanding of Judaism and Christianity you might want to take the time and read Ludwig Feuerbach: The Essence of Christianity )

 Is it not some of these followers of Judaism who consider themselves to be Chosen at the expense of all others, including members of Christianity and Islam itself?  Doesn't Talmudic Judaism, and its  political expression, Zionism,  have its own agenda in fact, an agenda that cannot allow other members of the human race to be part of it?  How can one continue to benefit from a special relationship with God if everybody was to be considered ' Chosen '? Wouldn't that just cheapen the notion of ' chosenness '?  Of course it would and that is  why the rabbis continue to foster the separateness of the Jews; they need to protect their monotheistic turf as it were.   And, that is why they cannot accept Jesus Christ and His teachings, or anything like Jesus Christ.

Jews like to refer to non-Jews as Gentiles and in more modern times, even the derogatory term, Goyim. If you know what the term Goyim really means then you will begin to appreciate how some aspects of modern  Judaism operate in the real world. Quite simply put, Jews see themselves as different than us Gentiles. They feel a privileged and special relationship to their God; if they are in fact religious that is. For lest we forget that many Jews are in fact very atheistic, but that is not going to detract from their separateness in the Gentile world as you may appreciate. The rabbis are keenly aware of these features of Jewish culture and it is their job to continue to propagate this identity of the Jews. That is why on almost every occasion, be it a wedding or any opportunity for public dissemination you will hear the rabbis talking about the suffering of the Jews and how the Holocaust has affected them. This is the full time business of the modern rabbi and it all goes back to the crucifixion of Christ of course. As Rabbi Boteach states in the video below ' Jesus was one of our own '. ' How ironic ' he states.  And, indeed it is. Jesus is a great figure in history no matter what side of the political fence you are on. He is either your saviour, or one of your own who just didn't fit in with the crowd.

Jesus remains revered all throughout the globe; Christianity and Islam are alive and well, as is Judaism. All three religions stem from the same source, but have gone their different ways as we now know. It does not do us well to speak negatively of dead men and this certainly applies to Jesus Christ as well. He is a tremendous historical religious and political figure as you can now easily determine.  A great philosopher and a great teacher, and a martyr for all mankind as well; He paid the ultimate price; He gave His life so that we would all be able to experience the love of the God that He represented.  Jesus was on the right side of things and that is why no matter what religion or belief one adheres to, Jesus Christ is a man that must be respected at all costs.  Listen to the political debates below  and see for yourself how the modern Jew and the modern Christian thrash about and relay to us what their meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus is really all about....

    Rabbi Boteach - Who Killed Jesus?
" they nailed him to the rancid wood of racism and bigotry "

 . .

above is the companion part of the debate. just what do you make of this interaction dear reader?

Here is an interesting related video for your consideration friends. It is part 1 of the God Delusion. Richards Dawkins is giving a speech at a Christian college in Virginia. The topic is Judaism and the Old Testament. At approximately 24:45 minutes into the presentation he is citing examples of how religion affects the lives of modern day Israeli children. Lest we forget of course, that Israel is a religious entity; it is a Zionist state and the religion of the children is Judaism. Listen closely to what the children believe and how the word Goyim forms part of their mindset .

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