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Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday October 7, 1983

Friday October 7, 1983


The following is a true story based on a real incident that occurred on Friday October 7, 1983.  The modification of this introduction took place on Sunday December 19, 2010.

Friday October 7, 1983

Friday October 7, 1983

.Surrey, B. C. Canada

Music to Every Breath You Take:
 Melody for Every Breath You Take

Friday October 7, 1983 was a typical Indian summer day; a combination of crisp air, blue skies, and the left over warmness of a former season. Chuck was feeling good about himself and his life as he made his way to work that morning. It was the end of another week and the weather was holding up nicely. He swung his car into the parking lot and parked close to the entrance of the store. He stepped out of the car confidently, smelled the clean, fresh air and entered the store.

Chuck had just been listening to a cassette
and the song he had been listening to was dancing in his head as he made his way into the office. ‘Every Breath You Take’ by the ‘Police’ was on the top of the charts and it was his favorite song that morning. He had just recently purchased the tape because it reminded him of Katy, one of the girls who worked in the store. Chuck was her boss and the crush he had on her consumed him.

He had fallen in love with the girl during the course of the summer. It was the happiest time of his life. Nothing is better than being in love. It was a form of ecstacy Chuck concluded. Katy did not know about the really serious nature of this crush, but she knew that he liked her. Because he told her that he liked her. In fact, he had told her more than once that he considered her to be special. He let his feelings be known to her, but Chuck also knew that Katy did not feel the same way. He wanted her to like him, but he knew that the things concerning love have to occur naturally. Now, Chuck had been in love previously and felt the pain of rejection so he was reluctant to get involved again. He did not want to do it. But, somehow, Katy had just snuck up on him. He was being drawn into her physically. Katy did not really have to do anything. He remembered how it started by just being next to her and how he had to pretend sometimes that she had no effect on him. He had to pretend that he didn’t like her; he had to conceal his emotions. But, eventually everyone came to know. He remembered one time one of the other ladies whispering. " he thinks he is too old for her. " So, they knew. Everyone knew. Of course they knew. People aren’t stupid. In fact, it was only a couple of weeks ago that one of the staff members bought Chuck a gift. It was a record. He didn’t remember mentioning the fact that the song " It’s All in the Game " by Tommy Edwards was his favorite all-time song.
But, he must have because someone took the time out and bought him that record and presented it to him. They just knew. If everyone knew that meant Katy knew too. . It was tough on Chuck though having to control his emotions when Katy’s boyfriend was there and socializing with her. He had to really pretend at those times. At one point he had even contemplated leaving the store as an option to get her off his mind and to be free from this emotional jackpot that he found himself in, but he never did it. He just let himself fall deeper and deeper in love with Katy. Eventually, he was hooked on her.
Katy was only seventeen years old, but you would never know it. She had long dark hair and often wore it in a pony tail. Chuck thought that was sexy. She was a tall and slender girl, with a somewhat gangly appearance. She had a sharp face and smooth white skin. Her breasts were not overpowering, but rather, formed part of a evenly shaped figure. And, she was intelligent, opinionated and very earnest in her ways. Chuck was very impressed with her work skills and he figured that she was on some kind of a personal mission, mostly because of her quick movements. She was a very determined girl and Chuck was convinced that Katy was no ordinary seventeen year old. One time, he told her that and she smiled and was clearly flattered by such a revelation from her boss. But, Chuck was quite sure that Katy was fully aware of her attributes and her ability to attract the opposite sex. He remembered the goofy looking hat she wore one time which she played with in front of her boyfriend, teasing him and taunting him and demanding to be the center
of attention.

He was getting the store ready to open and was making small talk with other workers in the store. He wished Katy was there helping him in person. She was there in his mind of course like she always was. He laughed inside thinking how her laugh could drive him crazy. She laughed at the smallest things and the stupidest things too. Like, when someone had a misfortune, of any kind. That was funny to Katy. Anything unusual was worth laughing about. But, the important thing was that she laughed. And, she laughed around him. And, he knew that was a powerful signal coming from a girl. A signal of acceptance. Her strong laugh could draw a man into her. It was a laugh that called you and cemented you to her emotionally. She loved life and made you feel good.

Chuck got up from his office chair and moved toward the front entrance of the store and just stopped and stared at it One of the girls was washing the windows and he watched the water dribble down the glass and onto the ground. The water reminded him of Katy. The time it was pouring rain outside and Katy entered the store soaking wet. She looked like a little puppy that needed help and someone to love. Standing in the store entrance she bent over slightly and brushed away the dark wet strands of hair that had fallen over her eyes. The turquoise shirt that she wore was soaked in rain. She looked like a helpless little orphan. Chuck wanted to run over and hug her, but he could not.

He did another walkabout of the store to make sure everything was OK and running. Satisfied that everything was functioning smoothly he retreated back the silence of his office and more paperwork and more private thoughts. More dreaming about Katy. He would spend more time in the store itself when it got busier, but for now he preferred the solitude of his office retreat He looked up and saw a picture pinned to the wall. It was just an ordinary photo of one of the staff that someone had put up. Just something else to remind him of Katy. Everything in that store reminded him of her. It was almost an obsession. Was this some kind of curse thinking about her all of the time? He didn’t care if it was. Everything she did made him happy and that is all that mattered. The photo made him think of his postcard that Katy sent him during the summer. During the summer Katy had gone on a trip to California with her parents and Chuck missed her. The store always felt empty when she was not there and it was especially hard for him when she went on vacation. She had made him come alive and gave him a reason for living, a reason to keep coming back to that store. He was sure though, that she had no idea how much she meant to him, even if he had told her that he liked her. She probably just thought her boss " liked her " and that was all. He asked her to send him a post card from her trip. He looked in the mailbox everyday to see if it would come. And, finally it arrived. The post card was done up in black and turquoise and an accompanying caption read: ‘ San Francisco is for lovers ‘ What a clever girl he thought. He was glad she was back. Laughing and playing and making him happy to be alive.

Chuck worked through the day shift without any major complications arising. The sun was still shining brightly during the later afternoon and it was still warm outside. The shift was coming to a close and soon Katy would be coming to work. He was in a particularly upbeat mood thinking how Katy had recently dumped her boyfriend. Maybe he could get closer
to her now. Soon, she would be walking through the doors. He would get to see her and talk to her and be near her once again. He was feeling good about himself and life and the working relationship he was having with Katy. He did a walk about throughout the store and began to get things ready for the next shift manager. He heard a voice behind him." Chuck can I talk to you for a minute? "

He turned in the direction of the voice and saw that it was the District Manager for the area. His name was Raymond Burnside And, standing next to him was the President of the Company, Darnell Eliason. Chuck had good deal of respect for Raymond as he was just recently promoted and was eager to learn the tools of the trade of those in upper management. Raymond was very robust and jovial figure and came across as a helpful, friendly manager. Chuck thought he was well polished and knew his trade and that he just wanted to succeed in his new role. He was a complete ‘ Yes Man ‘ in Chuck’s eyes.

Darnell, however, was a different kind of animal Chuck surmised He was part of the organization that had just bought the Company. They were Americans. He was a complete outsider by Chuck’s way of thinking. He was authoritarian and over bearing. Just too aggressive and domineering. Chuck was quite convinced that the man did not like him, but it took him a little time to figure this fact out. Some of the comments he made appeared negative and unusual for a man he rarely saw. He could feel the tension sometimes between them when they had brief encounters. He wasn’t sure if he was the only one who felt this way since he never asked any other managers about his concerns in this area. There was a kind of probation period during the transition and Chuck has survived this administrative detail. Chuck only saw Darnell occasionally and he figured he just had to tolerate him when he made his infrequent appearances in the store.

Darnell was about the same age as Chuck, in his early thirties. He had dark hair and a moustache, and was essentially, a full figured man in comparison to Chuck’s slight build. He appeared friendly and he smiled a lot. But, behind that smile Chuck sensed a shrewdness. An outward smile, but not a smile you could count on. Chuck could not accept his gestures because he just sensed that there was something inherently wrong with their relationship. But, he did not really know what the problem was. Chuck knew that this man was his equal in terms of education, or at least, that is the way he presented himself. But, Darnell was the boss and he was not, so it was just best to keep out of the man’s way. But, Chuck just hoped his visits to the store were infrequent and short. And, he tried to block out of his mind any difficult moments that they had between them. There was no bonding and no social functions to complete the relationship between him and Darnell. And, Darnell did not come across as a man with a social conscience anyhow. His leadership role seemed to be the only thing that concerned him.

He was also an American and Chuck was a Canadian. To Chuck’s mind that implicitly meant that they most likely had different values anyway. Another source of contention to deal with. Chuck had worked with Americans in past jobs. He had lots of experience in the carnival business before he got his present job. Americans were his bosses at certain times. He knew about their personalities and how they conducted themselves when they intermingled with Canadians. He knew sometimes they felt superior and they were aggressive when it came to matters of business. He remembered when he was only fifteen years old and working in the carnival business, his first summer job. One of his experiences was with a man called Harry Cooper from New York. He ran all the bingo games and he must have been pretty wealthy. But, anyhow, here is a guy that was so picky about his business that he has to take time out and show a fifteen year old kid just how to hold a goddamn paintbrush. Chuck really chuckled inside of himself thinking about Harry and his mannerisms. " Now, here is how you hold a paintbrush son. " he used to say. Everything had to perfect and done in the way the boss wanted it to be done. That was one of his first experiences with American businessmen and he never forgot that. Never.

Chuck worked with American bosses and just plain old workers too. Some of his working partners were even his friends. American friends. He was even invited to a Jewish wedding in Seattle, Washington on account of one his carnival pals getting married. On another occasion he stayed overnight, in a house just north of Portland, Oregon with a friend whose father was a major figure in the carnival business. He worked with Americans in the Canadian prairies with a very large American amusement company. He saw how they organized things. This large amusement company was run just like the military and totally organized. He knew how Americans operated their businesses. He worked in Los Angeles, California as well. He worked with his southern neighbors and he learned from them. Most of his American bosses, however, accepted Chuck on his own terms. Because they were carnival people just like Chuck. And, carnival people are aggressive and they like to think they understand human behavior. That is their business, to know how people think and why they do the things that they do. He could kid around with his American superiors in the carnival business, because that was part of the business, to kid around and to play mind games. That is how you made money in the carnival business, by being aggressive and selling and gaining peoples’ confidence. You lured people in and then you sold them something. Because that was your job. To convince people to spend money and to keep spending money. Owners and workers alike had a mutual understanding and respect for one another because they were doing the same job and they were most likely being paid on commission as well. That meant they had an interest in working together as opposed to against one another. There was a built in incentive to be friends.

Chuck could kid around in the carnival business with his bosses, but this new boss was different. He did not want to kid around with Chuck. Maybe there were others he did not want to kid around with either, but Chuck was not aware of them. He made an attempt to be nice to Darnell, to gain his friendship, but Darnell appeared disinterested in the gesture. Darnell made some kind of statement, Chuck could not recall the details exactly, but Chuck retorted with: " you gotta be kidding " Darnell’s response was: " I don’t kid around. " Chuck felt uncomfortable with that kind of response because he knew the man was rejecting him. All the more reason to just keep out of his way. Don’t even try to be nice or friendly because the man was simply not interested He was just too much into his role as the top man. Too immersed in his power. That is all that mattered. And, he seemed to want obedience. He wanted people to like him, and to respect him and in return, to control them. Chuck had Darnell pegged for a certain type of American business man, one who is only interested in profits and servility. Chuck could try to provide the profits, but servility was another matter entirely.

All in all, Chuck did not particularly like Darnell and his authoritarian ways. The man could enter the store smiling, wearing a tie and pretending to be friendly, but Chuck just knew better. Because he understood people and their behavior. He took the position that he did not have to like him anyway. He would only have to pretend to like him, if he had to, that is. Why should he have to like a president who is hardly there? It was not Chuck’s job to like this man. Technically, he was an intruder in the business. Others handled the day to day business of management anyway. He was a redundant, unwanted figure. He did not belong in a store trying to control
peoples’ lives. Chuck knew that and that is why he knew he was not obligated to like a man if a man did not like him Why waste the time and effort on somebody who cannot or will not appreciate you? Just tolerate him and hope he disappears from your life as fast as he entered it. That was his philosophy concerning this man.

But, there were other reasons not to like Darnell as well. More substantial reasons. More personal ones. Now, Chuck being in love with Katy he did not like the way Darnell socialized with Katy when he was in the store. Chuck knew that Katy would be impressed with this man and his power. And, he drove a BMW as well. Two things Katy might be interested in. Money and power. All girls were interested in these things. But, here they were here as big as life and knocking on her door. This bothered Chuck a lot, but of course he could not really say anything. But, Darnell was just too personal with her. He took time out to notice her, and to flirt with her. They were just having fun anyway he figured. Just harmless flirting. And, Katy liked the attention too. All girls like attention. He liked it when she was happy, but he did not like it when Darnell was providing the happiness. Chuck was jealous and he hoped that the flirting between Darnell and Katy would just subside and fade away completely. He did not think it would amount to anything. Or he hoped it wouldn’t at any rate.

Raymond and Darnell stood together at a distance, two large men with beaming faces, beckoning Chuck.

" Chuck we need to talk to you, can you come with us? " Raymond questioned.

Chuck acknowledged the presence of the two men and then followed them to the little office downstairs. He was thinking that the last time he was down in the basement it was with Katy and another worker. They had been talking about the seasons and the fact that the Fall was Chuck’s favorite time. Indian summer was a special time, a quiet peaceful time. Serene was the key word he thought. He was in a fairly upbeat mood and all three of them settled themselves at the small table in a corner of the room. They sat at a table with Chuck facing the two men. Raymond sat on his left and Darnell sat on his right. Chuck was pretty sure the meeting was about his possible promotion or being transferred to another store. There were quite a few changes going on in the stores so what else could it be about? He was worried that he would not be with Katy and that was the only thing which really bothered him about leaving the store. He would let Katy know right away about his promotion or transfer. Chuck was seated directly across from Darnell. Darnell was mentally preparing his opening remarks. Chuck was fixated on Darnell’s face. His eyes were serious looking, the slight smirking smile, and the black moustache. Darnell clasped his hands together and then his whole body moved in Chuck’s direction and the words started to flow out his mouth:

" Chuck the relationship isn’t working. "

Chuck did not fully grasp the meaning of this statement as he was not expecting it. He knew though that this was not a good opening line for a discussion about his future prospects with the Company. He still did not fully grasp the intended meaning of the words and thought perhaps that he was going to be coached on how to improve his performance. He dismissed this possibility, however, because he realized there was more going on here.

Then the true meaning of Darnell’s words took hold. Chuck was being fired. It was a sick, ugly feeling. A feeling of not belonging and not being wanted. Like being rejected by a
woman, the same kind of painful sensation. Except, firing was even worse than female rejection because someone is casting you aside and taking away your economic livelihood as well. It was a devastating moment for Chuck. He had never been fired before. Without hesitating he knew he had to defend himself against this attack. An attack from someone he did not like and from someone who did not like him. This was going to be a war. A war of words and personalities. And, Darnell had drawn first blood.

He did not know why he was being fired, but, he knew now that he was. There would be no escaping this fact. This was it. The real thing. Raymond started to make some comments about performance but Chuck was not really listening to what he was saying. He did not like the intent of this meeting as was not about to take this firing lying down.

He did not believe or trust these two individuals that he now confronted. They were ganging up on him and he was all alone to defend himself. What could he do? What could he say in his defence? It was two against one and that was that All he could do was to stand his ground and tell them that they were wrong. It was one man against two authoritarian figures. Two people determined to remove him from the organization. He was wondering what the real reason for his ousting from the Company was. Which one of these two figures would be the more believable? What were the real reasons for being dismissed on a Friday afternoon at the end of a working shift?. Why did this man, this man that had the power to make you his friend or his enemy want to get rid of Chuck?

And, then Darnell spoke again:

" How come you never said hello to me? "

Chuck had to internalize and process the meaning of this comment. The president of our Company is asking me why I do not like him Chuck thought. Was Chuck really supposed to respond to a statement like that?

Chuck pondered the situation.

He wondered if he should call him a fucking prick like he really thought he was and just call him a goddamn American fascist from somewhere back East where they all come from anyway. Or, maybe he should confront him with his intrusions in the lives of the staff, like flirting with Katy. Did Darnell know that he was in love with the girl? Is this why he needed to flirt with the girl that he was in love with? Just to piss him off. Because the word was out that he liked her. Should he mention Katy’s name?

Or, should he just say: " Well, you don’t like me either anyhow and I know you did not want me to succeed here and you know that. " Should he proceed along those lines?

Should he just get everything off his chest while he had a chance? He was a condemned man anyway, so why not just let the man know how he really felt? And, then just get up and leave, satisfied that he got the last shot in. Why not warn the man that if he ever touched Katy he would hear about it? Just to let him know that he would still be out there and that he would just know. Someone would let him know.

Should he just remind this man that he did not like the idea of him flirting with Katy and remind him about the time he whisked by Katy and flicked her pony tail just to let her know that he was interested in her? Should he do that and embarrass him in front of his underling? Get the information out and get even with him. Let his ‘yes man’ know about the true nature of this man? What could Chuck do in the face of all of this madness and the hurt that was starting to engulf him. He blurted out:

" You’re wrong. "

The president of the Company jerked his head back in disbelief and he had the appearance of being afraid of Chuck He was clearly agitated by Chuck’s remark. Chuck had made a direct hit on the man. . His plan was back firing. He expected Chuck to take defeat like some kind of a subservient slave. No way. Chuck would not give him the satisfaction of admitting defeat, of agreeing that he was incompetent. Not a chance. There was much more at stake here and he knew it. He had to stand up to the president and foil his plans. That was the satisfaction that he got. The only satisfaction, but at least it was something. The president wanted Chuck to quit. To admit his weaknesses in front of a witness. Chuck was not going down easily. And, if he had to go down he had to go down fighting. There was no other way.

Darnell tried a different approach. With a straight face and a smile to match he made an offering to Chuck:

" We can be friends Chuck after this is all over. You can come into the store at anytime and have a coffee with me. "

Chuck couldn’t believe his ears. To think that he would come into the store and have a coffee with him when it was all said and done. That is what the man suggested to Chuck. That they be friends and everyone would live happily ever after. Think
about the logic of the suggestion. The man has asked the question. " Why did you never say hello to me? " meaning, he is suggesting that Chuck does not like him. And, we know that he clearly does not, or at least respect him at any rate. So, why would a man who is just being terminated want to sit down and have a coffee with a man who has taken away from him the only thing that mattered in his life, namely the relationship with a young girl? Does the man know or care about this aspect of Chuck’s life? And, that relationship now destroyed in the process of the firing. What is the logical consistency in that kind of thinking? And, even setting apart the issue of the girl, for the man may simply might not have know about Chuck’s affections for the girl, why does he act in such a disingenuous manner? He indicates that he does not like Chuck and suggests that Chuck does not like him. So, how does he expect Chuck to like him afterwards? Where do people learn to think like that? It is akin to whipping a slave and then asking him to thank you for the pleasure of the beating. The man has been watching too many American movies or maybe it is the culture that he was brought up in that makes him act like that.

Chuck knew this was the end. The end of everything he had dreamed about. The happiness he had achieved. All down the drain with one simple statement by the man. " the relationship isn’t working " Your goddamn right it isn’t working. Because you did not want it to work. Chuck wondered how he could drive his point home. Where was the psychological success going to come from? It would come from standing his ground. He would not quit. He knew that firing someone is a form of weakness of management. It just proves their incompetence. Their inability to manage people and their emotions and of people who think differently than them, or bother to think at all. Some people are just slaves or yes men. But, Chuck was neither and the man never took time out to find out about the real Chuck because he could not. His personality would not allow it. Surely Chuck could leave a message for him. Something for Darnell to ponder in his later years and in his future relations with human beings. Yes, the world is full of people. People that have emotions and dreams. They want to keep their pride intact and not have it destroyed by a foreigner. A foreigner trying to dictate policy and impose a different set of values, by force if necessary. Darnell was the proverbial ‘Ugly American’. This is the way Chuck was reading the situation. He had to defend himself, his country and its values.. Chuck had to save Canada and his woman from these foreign invaders. He had to take a stand and be firm.

And, that is what Chuck did on that day. He stood his ground and he fought. And, he fired a shot back. He fired that shot for Katy.

Katy, the young girl who was not there to see him fight and would not understand what he was fighting for even if she was.

It's All In The Game (sound clip) http://www.foreveroldies.com/lovesongs/itsallin.mp3

Carl Baydala, copyright 2006

Picture was taken on April 12, 2007

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mike Baydala at the Track


This is Michael Baydala, my father. Mike is 86 years old and will be 87 on October 16, 2006. He is a very big race track fan, and it was he who introduced me to the sport of horse racing.

These photos were taken at Hastings Park Race Track in Vancouver today. It was a very pleasant day as you can see. Mike had a successful day at the track, winning the first Daily Double, which paid about Two Hundred dollars. And, if he wasn't so busy talking to me he would have picked up another one hundred and thirty three dollars. He had the numbers all picked out.

He always tries to get to the Track on a Saturday because this is his main form of entertainment. He is very generous with his race track winnings and he pays his ' runners ' handsomely for their efforts. One time he had a pretty substantial win and he gave my sister and I each five thousand dollars. That was a really nice present I can assure you. He enjoys winning and likes to show off with the fruits of his labour. That is what horse racing is all about as I mentioned in one of my earlier reports on horse racing.
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1958: A very good year

This is me in 1958 in grade 3. This was a very good year because I was a real track star and got six blue ribbons for track and field, more than anyone else. I was also the teacher's pet and I really liked school at that time. That is me smiling in the top left hand corner. Myself, along with my mother and sister had just moved from Richmond and we lived downstairs in a house in East Vancouver. I wanted to go to church because I went to Sunday school when I lived in Steveston. The church I went to was a Protestant denomination, most likely Lutheran, but I cannot remember exactly. I remember there was also a little German girl that I liked, but I cannot remember her name. If you saw me today you would never think I was a former " track star "

NB. I inserted this post because I just found this photo and I put it on my scanner to get the picture. Just wanted to see what it would look like. I actually have some other posts in mind about my Early Childhood and I will be posting them later. This 1958 posting will be re-inserted later, after some earlier posts. But, for now I just wanted you to have a peek at this picture and to see how the scanner handles an older photograph.

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Whistlers, Dog owners, and Jesus Christ.

TWO THINGS I DO NOT TRUST ARE people who whistle and dog owners. I am not against all dog owners, only some. There are many other things I do not trust, but these two come to mind right now.

I do not trust people who whistle because they make me suspicious and uncomfortable. They are whistling because they are very happy or they are concealing something. Both are cause for concern, in my opinion. First of all if someone is exceedingly happy about something they have probably done something wrong and the whistling is just a front. But, if they really are happy then that is even worse because they are bragging about it and that is a bad thing. The really annoying thing about being too happy though is the fact that you are telling everyone about it. NO ONE cares if you are happy or not, so keep it to yourself. I might be having a bad day and I do not want a happy person telling me to be happy. It is like a Christian telling you that God loves you or something. God will tell me himself if that is the case because no one else can do that. People telling me how to feel is a form of arrogance. And, I detest arrogance intensely.

Another reason they might be whistling is because they are good at it and they want to show off. Well, I am not interested. It is like a singer singing out in the open. Who cares? If you are good at these things then you should be doing them in the shower where everybody else does their private things. Why be different and obnoxious? Respect for others that's the key.

My other beef tonight is dog owners. These are people that you should approach with caution. As stated above, I am not against all dog owners only bad people who are most likely dog owners. The main reason they are potentially dangerous people is because they are not cat people. The people in the world are divided into two camps in case you did not know. The cat people are the good guys and the dog people are the bad guys. If you look deep enough I think you find a difference in personality between a dog person and a cat person. And, a really bad person is more likely to be a dog type versus a feline type. And just take a look at some of the personalities involved. A dog person is more likely to be an aggressive person or one who likes to control people around them. Now, not all dog people are bad and menacing but there are core differences, and these traits will show up in character and in the way people act and relate to other people. They like to assume control and tend to be leaders and influential. But, not all leaders can act in your best interest so always be cautious around a dog person. If you see someone walking a dog, even if it looks like a harmless little old lady, just be aware that these people can, and will act differently than us cat people.

.Was Jesus Christ a dog man or a cat man?
I do not know. Perhaps some Christian will step up to the plate and inform us. Because I would really like to know. It would tell us a lot about the true nature of Christianity if we know this little, but very important piece of information. And, if anyone has heard of a story about Jesus Christ whistling while walking a dog of any kind I would like to know about that because that would alter my whole view of Christianity completely.

Is George Bush a dog man? He might have a cat too but can you really trust him if he associates with dogs? Mr. George Bush is the kind of bad person that I have been referring to here. He seems arrogant and he is a leader with great power. I think if he could whistle, he would do it. Just to annoy me a bit more. He personifies the kind of personality we are talking about here. The classic dog man. The man to fear at all costs.
Dog people like to tell their dogs what to do and to be obedient. Bill Clinton was even a dog man, but I think that was more of a front than anything else, you know like being a Christian too. Remember his dog " Buddy " ? You just cannot make it at the top levels in America if you are not a dog man and a Christian. It's just the way things are. That is why I make the enquiry if anyone knows whether or not Jesus Christ was a whistler and a dog man. I hope you understand now why I would even think of asking such a question.
If you owned a dog and he obeyed you would you respect him? I personally would be critical of his motives just like an obedient human being. These are important things to know so don't take them lightly. Do you want to be controlled by someone? I sure do not. So, be very cautious around these dog types.
And, just be sure to love your cat because he or she loves you back. They are not being obedient. They love you naturally and that is a big difference to know about.
The independence of the cat is why you associate with them. It is a relationship born out of respect, not one centered on control or obedience. Their personality is your personality. Get it?


Copyright: Carl Baydala 2006

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Mental Contract

I was just thinking about the idea of contract. It is just so ingrained in our culture and most likely rooted in religion. For example, I was thinking of the idea of the Jews having a contract with their god. And, we living in a Christian society, so to speak, would undoubtedly be influenced by this arrangement. I am thinking primarily about the influence of the Christian Bible and of Judeo Christian influence generally.

Now, why is the idea of contract so important anyway? It is important because it binds and commits you - to something. You have obligations if you contract with someone. The idea of contract is a sanctity in our culture and is not to be taken lightly. When you contract with someone you are putting your reputation on the line.
And, contracts can be made without writing also. Just think about your personal relationships, for example. You have friends or you may be married. You want to maintain these relationships and the only way to do that is to live up to your contractual obligations. Your partner will be expecting you to. You may have made formal arrangements or you just do things by common agreement or precedent. Each partner begins to want the other to act on their own perceptions of their unique relationship.

As related to the personal relationship I think there is also something called the mental contract which I have just touched upon above. I just think that all people that come together in a close relationship develop some sort of mental contract with each other. I think that is what people do when they like and respect one another. No written contract is required. Just a basic understanding of one another and what a reasonable expectation of behavior would be. Consider, for example, the young woman starting out in life and thinking about getting married to a man that she is interested in. Now, the man she likes may be training to be a doctor and also very handsome and sexually appealling. What a wonderful catch for a young girl. The woman may have thoughts in her mind as to the future success of the man and she would like to be part of that life. She is mentally thinking about all of the possibilities of getting hooked up with the young man that she likes. She has mentally sized him up and she is very interested and without so much as even getting seriously involved with him. She becomes involved with the man and they have a relationship. And, the man, for his part finds the woman to be very attractive. He thinks her to be a wonderful partner. He mentally determines that she will be an excellent companion, perhaps even as a good sex partner for she is very attractive. He sizes her up and calculates that she will do just fine. So, they both have assessed each other and have mentally decided to get involved with one another. And, they make overtures to one another to let them know of each other's intentions. And, a lot of it will be done without saying a word. A bond will have been formed between them. And, that bond will be formed out of the mutual desire for each other; they have decided that each one has something that the other wants. As in any contract there is some consideration involved. Each party is going to give the other something to satisfy their intended relationship. They will mentally contract to do business with each other.

I think we should pay closer attention to these kinds of things because they form the basis of relationships. A good healthy relationship, I think, would include an understanding of these things and the ability to act on the expectation of each partner.

I just thought you might be interested in how I think the idea of contract is so important, not only in religious terms, but also at the personal level. I think, because someone a long time ago introduced the idea of an entity and made a contract with him then we should try to understand the implications of this for personal relationships. From this initial contract with a god we can easily see how people mentally contract with each other when they like each other. I think what we learn about this religious experience with contracting with a god is the idea that even a simple mental contract between two people is of no small consequence.

A healthy human relationship involves contract and that health is dependent upon the mutual agreement of that understanding whether spoken or unspoken. If two people like each other they will let each other know in some human way and a contract will be formed as a result. Hopefully, you will understand now when I stated in my personal philosophy that people do not do things for nothing because man is essentially a selfish creature. I think religion and the ideas contained within a belief teaches us that. See my posting "Philosophy, Christianity, and a girl " for this idea.


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Best Elevator in Vancouver: A Feature Report

Couriers do not work alone in the struggle to produce on time deliveries. An aid in this constant battle is the modern elevator. A Service Failure can occur any time for any number of reasons.
But, a bulwark in the success of on-time deliveries is an efficient, and well thought out elevator system. Couriers rely on these well-designed systems in times of stress, when literally, seconds count. Will your elevator be there when you press the button? Just how long will I have to wait and worry about the customer and his time sensitive document? Once on board will it take me quickly to my intended destination
These are crucial thoughts racing through the mind of a courier as he heads relentlessly towards his destination.. He is only seconds away from a Service Success or Service Failure. His confidence is buoyed by his knowing if the bank of elevators that he has now encountered will not let him down, or perhaps diminished by the sight of a failed system...

The above was my introductory piece for my elevator story which I present now. I am somewhat dismayed as I type this story for you because I had occasion to discuss this important topic with some of my courier colleagues, and, quite frankly, they did not seem to think that this was any burning issue for them. Needless to say, I was somewhat disheartened to hear their remarks because I sincerely thought that elevators, being the companions that they are would have engendered a more favourable response. But, it did not as I report to you now.

The main thing about good elevators is their consistency. You simply come to know which ones are reliable and which ones are not. You can feel better about your work and the job that you perform by knowing how these aids treat you during the course of your employment. They are like seeing eye dogs or even police dogs, for that matter. They are simply part of the job, and in many cases, you just cannot perform your task without them. You are not going to run up 30 stories just to deliver an envelope now are you?
But, even in the smaller structures you rely on them as well. The ones in the suburbs and in the Southside where many medical buildings are located, for example. Couriers do not usually run up 4 or 5 flights of stairs, they rely on elevators.
This leads me to my first criticism of some elevator sytems. And, I mention this West Broadway corridor in the Southside area as an example where you are going to run into many bad elevator experiences. They will be negative because of the structure of these elevators and the type of servicing that they do. Medical building in this area, for example are chronically slow and this is due primarily to the joining together of elevators that take you upwards from a lobby area, but at the same time can take you downward to parking levels. And, the more parking levels there are the more time consuming these elevator systems become. Some building are thinking a bit and separate the elevators. One goes down to parking levels while others simple go upwards. These are more efficient layouts.
My other criticism involves modern elevators in newer buildings that have elevators that can best be described as tortuously slow. Why? Why would any modern day designer of elevators put an obvious poor performer in a modern sleek building? It happens more often than you would expect. People have expectations and needs and they want them met. There is no reason for them not to be met, in my opinion. And, believe me I am not alone in my opinion of a tardy elevator system. I listen to the complaints as well.

I am not going to criticize the downtown core and its offering of elevator systems. I rank any high rise building about the same. They are all good and they have big jobs to do. Sometimes they are under stress and you can feel it, particularly in the morning and especially when the lunch crowd goes back to work. You simply have to wait sometimes. You cannot be overly judgemental under these conditions.

What I am striving to do though is to pick out the elevator, that in my opinion is a solid performer over time. I am not going to compete with highly capable machines in the downtown core because we are talking apples and oranges here. I am looking for that specimen which has never in my recollection let me down. When I press the button to open the elevator, it opens. And, it beckons me in. And, in less than a minute I am at my destination. And, it is waiting for me when I get back too. The winner is a simple two story building, sporting two elevator banks. Why is this important? Because, sometimes you can encounter a building with more levels with only one elevator. And, that elevator might also be serving the underground parking. I think you are starting to see what my values are when it comes to elevators. The winner of the best elevator in Vancouver is actually in Richmond at 5611 Cooney Road.

Now, just for contrast right across the street is a nortoriously slow elevator system. I show you the following picture so that you can compare the size of the two buildings. Our winning elevator system is located in the building in the foreground.

Compare the interior of the elevators and you can see how nice and simple the winning elevator system really is compared to its neighbour across the street.

Take note of the absolute simplicity of the design of this elevator. This system was born to serve and it also eager to perform when you ask it to. Compare this interior with the system directing across the street.

But, the elevator experience begins in this building even before you enter it. A treat for couriers is to have handy parking when you confront a structure as well. You don't want to waste time walking or going underground or parking in a lane or whatever. You want convenience and this building offers it. Look at the handy parking spot below.

Once inside the building of course you are immediately treated to the site of two elevators in a small building. What else could a courier ask for? Well, the answer is...a bathroom without a lock on it. Actually, I used to assign my private five star rating for this building because everything worked so perfectly. Courier friendly on all fronts. Except, I had to recently downgrade the full featured nature of this building because they have taken to locking their bathrooms like so many others. The reason given, so a receptionsist tells me was a break in and theft of a computer. A usual reason I suppose. I hope you like my pick for the winning elevator. That is all for now...


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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

2010 Olympics Reminder Here...

These things are everywhere in dowtown Vancouver and the suburbs as well. I saw one of these characters quite a while ago and it did not click on me what they were supposed to be. I think they are weird looking.
It finally dawned on me that they are supposed to remind us of the Olympics in 2010, I guess. I just think they are dumb looking. But, if you are into bears then I guess they are OK. I have not actually taken a close look at some of these creatures. Maybe I will do that and let you know.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Middle East Conflict

I am absolutely unimpressed with the action in the Middle East. I just think events are moving too quickly there. I also think that the United States, Britain, and Israel are trying to ratchet up the conflict a bit and bring Syria and Iran into the picture, to suck them in. What do you think? It just all seems too tidy to me and I simply do not trust the motivations of these three States in the Region. There is too much imbalance here and too much at stake. I remain cautious and not optimistic. My friends on the Secular Web The Secular Web are really going at it, take a look here:http://www.iidb.org/vbb/showthread.php?t=172813
This discussion group above is really indicative of what is happening in the Middle East. Take a look at pages 17 and 18 of the thread here and witness the absolute hatred that is exposed. The Jews support Israel in this war and others do not. You are simply on one side or the other and no intelligent discussion is going to change that reality.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Best Elevator in Vancouver....Coming Soon


Couriers do not work alone in the struggle to produce on time deliveries. An aid in this constant battle is the modern elevator. A Service Failure can occur any time for any number of reasons.

But, a bulwark in the success of on-time deliveries is an efficient, and well thought out elevator system. Couriers rely on these well-designed systems in times of stress, when literally, seconds count. Will your elevator be there when you press the button? Just how long will I have to wait and worry about the customer and his time sensitive document? Once on board will it take me quickly to my intended destination?
These are crucial thoughts racing through the mind of a courier as he heads relentlessly towards his destination.. He is only seconds away from a Service Success or Service Failure. His confidence is buoyed by his knowing if the bank of elevators that he has now encountered will not let him down, or perhaps diminished by the sight of a failed system...

In this quest for the best elevator system in the Lower Mainland I will be putting together a report for an upcoming entry. I already have the building picked out along with the winning elevator. I need to take a couple more shots of this winning entry so that you will be able to appreciate more fully the characteristics of a successful elevator system...

PS This is another view of the Central City building in Surrey where I live. It is not the winner of the best elevator award, however. It has a very good elevator system and has a big job to do now since this building is loaded up with tenants. The increased traffic in this building does not make it a good choice though for the conscientious courier. I remember when the building was nearing completion and there were hardly any tenants in the building. It was a joy to come here and zip up in the elevators. Now, unfortunately, the building has sufferred the same fate as all the rest; overpopulation. It is troubling coming here now though, particularly during the morning rush to the offices upstairs and finding yourself standing with all the rest, in bunches in the lobby area, like schools of fish waiting for the next opportunity to venture up stream.


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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Cloudy Day: Time To Reflect

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The building in the background is Surrey Central. Simon Fraser University has a campus here and I live just a couple of blocks away. This area is loaded with services and the Skytrain runs right through the shopping mall. This Skytrain goes to downtown Vancouver

We have been experiencing very nice weather lately and today we got a break. It was cloudy, but pleasant. This pause allows me to reflect and think about things. My thought today concerns the idea of being too hasty or too aggressive. Now, just think back and ask yourself if you have ever liked someone a bit too much and maybe frightened them off. What do you think you did wrong? Anything? Did you learn anything from your experience? Or, have you ever noticed how things happen when you do not care too much if they do? I am talking about any event in your life really, from entertainment to relationship matters. It has been my experience, for example, that when I least expect something, or when I do not really desire for something to happen, well, it just happens. I guess it is kinda like going to a bar or something and expecting to meet the girl of your dreams. It is not going to happen. But, what I find does happen, that if you are casually, say going to the racetrack, just to use an example, of course. And, you were not even planning on going then sometimes good things tend to happen. Like maybe you win a big race that you were not even planning on betting. But, you did and you won. It has happened to me, lots of times. Maybe what is happening is that you are not over anticipating an event and you do not stand the risk of being disappointed. You are not setting yourself up for failure. And, what about falling in love. I bet you have been infatuated with someone or really fallen in love. You didn't just go some place and say to yourself: I think I will fall in love today. Not likely. When it happened, it most likely just happened. It crept up on you, and surprised you. What a pleasant surprise. Maybe you were just being yourself and someone took time to notice. Maybe that is the way all relationships should begin. Naturally. Well, these are just some of my thoughts for today. Hope they help. And, maybe the big lesson in life is to not expect too much and just enjoy life and accept whatever comes your way. If you want someone to really like you it might be better just being yourself and no one else.

Feature Report coming soon: The Best Elevator in Vancouver.

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Friday, June 30, 2006

My Early Childhood Continued:

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This is a recent picture I took of modern day Steveston
You can also take a look at this:

My Early Childhood Continued: Right Here....

As far back as I can remember they called me Butch, except when a couple of the Japanese kids called me 'Banana' because that is what Baydala sounded like to them. My sister, her three children, and my father to this day affectionately call me Banana. I only started using the name Carl when I started school. My mother tells me that one time somebody came to the door and asked for Carl, and she did not know who they wanted. I stuttered a lot too and all through my school years I was terrified to talk in class. This self consciousness continued through high school and even into university.

One time when there was a solar eclipse a friend and myself looked directly into the sun. I remember I had a good right eye and almost perfect vision, but I used the right one to look at the ball of fire. Eventually I lost sight of this eye because of this incident. Later on I would have to wear glasses because of this and I did not like to wear glasses either. I used to put them in my back pocket and just sit on them.

We had to walk to school and I remember the metal lunch kits that we had and how the food smelled inside. In the fifties we had to recite the Lords Prayer and we used ball pens and we learned the McLean Method of writing. My teacher used to send me home sometimes because I had dirty hands. We sat in wooden desks that had holes to place ink in and I remember writing with quill pens. I played marbles a lot and collected them too. I remember how neat it was to get 'steelies' and 'cobs' or the big marbles. I remember buying new bags of marbles and just breaking them open and feeling and looking at the glass marbles. Later on I would collect baseball cards too. They came in the packages of gum and I remember how that smelled too. I remember going down to the store and loading up on different kinds of candy as well. I remember popsicles were 6 cents each and I liked licorice and ice cream bars and later on I was a big fan of MacIntosh toffee. And, at Halloween time I remember my sister and I going around with our empty pillow cases and loading up. It was fun to come home and just check out the loot. I liked it best when people gave me chocolate bars. And, I remember getting money from my parents to buy firecrackers and bombs and ladyfingers. The sparklers were always fun too. And, you had to have a punk going to light your firecrackers of course.

Christmas time was neat too. My sister believed in Santa Claus and I did not. Probably the most exciting time in my life was when my sister and I got brand new bikes. Mine was blue and hers was red. I was just so happy, I never thought it would happen. It was Ukrainian Christmas over at my father's parents house. I remember the cabbage rolls and perogies. I was a very big eater and could fill my plate two or three times and finish it all. I remember my Ukrainian grandmother used to give me a quarter for kissing her on the cheek. My father's mother and dad were very faithful Catholics. My grandfather, Daniel Baydala fought in the Austro-Hungarian Army and he owned a couple of pieces of land right near the dyke by the Middle Arm of the Fraser River. He was considered to be a pioneer and we even have a street named after us in Richmond.

My mother was born in Sointula, B. C., which is on Malcom Island, just off the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Both of her parents were born there also. They are of Finnish descent, with some Swedish background as well. They were a fishing family and my Finnish grandfather built a gillnetter for my father and mother after they were married. And, incidentally, my mother and father were involved in a shipwreck just off the mouth of the Fraser River. They were clinging to remnants of their boat and had to be rescued.

I like winter too. I remember the cold days and waiting for the snow. All the fields would freeze up and the big ditches too. You could skate on the ditches also. Sometimes really big icicles formed on the roof edges of our house in the colder winters and I used to break them off. I remember one time we had lots of snow and my father let me and my sister tie a sled to the back of the car. He towed us all the way up Steveston Highway. And, Richmond was famous for fog too, being so low and all. I remember the thick fogs and having to look out the side of the car windows to try and figure out where you were going. There were many beehives along the river in those days-places where they burned sawdust or wood parts at the sawmills. I guess this caused pollution and allowed the fog to form. That is what someone told me later anyhow. And, I remember another time I heard a loud screech right in front of the house. A car went right through the stop sign and landed in the big ditch on the north side of the house. I walked over and saw a car sitting in the ditch, with a lifeless-looking body inside.....

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

" When The Going Get's Tough....Jump "

Surrey Central

No connection to story below

Sometimes being a courier is not such a pleasant thing.
It was a very warm day in Vancouver by the way and I made it out to Mission and Abbotsford and back into Vancouver.
Check out this web site here to see where Mission and Abbotsford are in relation to Vancouver: Here
But, my feelings were hurt today. I had just dropped an important delivery in a building where one of our long standing customers is located. After that I went down the elevator and into the lobby area. I just wanted to sit down and make a quick call to a fellow driver to make a meet to pass him a delivery. I was very tired from the hot day and I just wanted to sit down and make the call. Now, they have just renovated this lobby area and spent quite a bit of money I suppose in the process. And, they had some nice chairs to sit on which caught my eye. I headed over and sat down, commenting politely to the security guard in the process.

" Couriers are not allowed to sit down here" she said.

I did not bother to explain to her that I just wanted to make a quick call and that I was tired. I could tell she would not be interested in that. Rather, I asked:

" Are those orders?" And, she replied:
" Yes they are."

I let her know in no uncertain terms that I felt insulted and I left with my feelings quite hurt I can assure you.
A couple of things. First, I do not have any grudge with a building manager not wanting a bunch of biker couriers, for example taking up valuable space in the middle of a downtown office structure. Or, any group of couriers or loiterers for that matter. I have been in any number of equally well-appointed buildings and no one has given me the bums rush,so to speak. I have even sat down and had a telephone conversation with a fellow driver during the morning hours in pleasant surroundings in a similar building. There were no other patrons in the lobby.
And, there were no others with me today. I think the security guard could have handled this more delicately, taking note of the fact, for example, that the lobby was empty and perhaps enquiring as if I just needed to make a quick phone call or the like. But, her manner was that of discrimination and a blanket condemnation of couriers.

I was hurt and insulted.

Now, I had time after this incident to ask a fellow driver their opinion on the matter. This person did not think it was such a big deal. Now, in the grand scheme of things, it is not a big deal. I just think it could have been handled differently and if that was the case, then I would not be submitting this entry here today for your consideration and possible feedback. Sometimes it is tough to keep professional particularly when you see the constant erosion of things that we as couriers count on. The increased volume of traffic and ever more traffic lights and the incessant construction in our City is bad enough but the City is only making matters worse by constantly taking away our loading areas in front of buildings that we count on. They are turning them into no stopping areas or bus zones. We are losing valuable real estate and things that we count on to make our job easier.
And, there are more and more buildings locking their bathrooms as well. This is a very big nuisance for couriers who just need to pop in and out and not to start to make enquiries to secretaries as the status of the bathroom key. We are too busy for that kind of nonsense, sometimes. If I may make a generalization, however, it is still the classier buildings which do not follow this practice of locking bathrooms and their buildings are 'courier friendly' in the process.

So, you see, the stress just keeps building up and the screw gets tighter on the courier .Sometimes I think the City is going to come to a grinding halt one day due to the increasing heavy use of our infrastrucure. Can you say critical mass? The way I see things the City will come to a complete standstill at just about retirement time for me, in about 3 or 4 years. I am not planning on going down with the ship.
This should be right around the time when the 2010 Winter Olympics hit Vancouver and surrounding areas.

As my pal Richard Nixon said one time: " when the going gets tough, the tough get going " I do not think Richard Nixon was ever in the courier business. I say: " When the going gets tough, it's time to jump."

Monday, June 26, 2006

My Early Childhood

This is a picture of Steveston today

I have so many things to say, so I'd better get going. I will probably break this segment up because I have a lot of information on my early childhood.

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My Early Childhood Right Here....

I was born in the City of Vancouver on February 5, 1949 at St. Vincents Hospital. My mother says I was an easy birth; I just popped out she says. I have a sister named Connie and she is just a bit older than me. Well, my early days were spent in the village of Steveston, which is located on the southwest corner of the Richmond Delta, a flat, fertile piece of land formed from the sediment of the Fraser River. It was a fishing community, a mixture of various European peoples and many Japanese. We lived in a small house right on Steveston Highway. The Steves, the people for whom the village was named after lived just down the street next to the dyke in a big house. Mrs. Steves was also my Cubs leader or 'Akela' " We'll dib, dib, dib, and we'll dob, dob, dob " ( do our best ). Ha ha ha. I just remembered that right now. I remember one time when she accidentally slammed a car door on my finger and a bunch of puss came pouring out. The King family lived in another larger house right across the street. Mrs. King was having so many children it was hard to keep track of them all. Bert, her husband became manager of the Coca Cola Company in Vancouver. I remember when they got a fancy new Ford in their driveway. I was friends with some of the kids and I got free drinks that Bert would bring home from work. I remember one time the whole family left for a trip back to Ontario. I could only dream of such a thing happening to me - going on a trip to a far away place.

This is a picture of the King's house today. Our little house across the street was torn down long ago. The big ditch is gone and so are the big fields I used to play in. It is all just houses and pavement now.

My father was a fisherman and also sold real estate too. Later on he would be first mate on a packer and sailed extensively up the B.C. coast. He knows every nook and cranny of the B.C. coast line and is also very knowledgeable about history and the lives of important political and business people. He taught himself by reading and holds very strong opinions about certain things. He was a very proud veteran of World War Two and was President of the local veterans club. He also drank a lot of beer and spent much time in the beer parlour. My sister and I called him 'pops' and we were always going down to the beer parlour to get money off of him. He would also talk later about serving with the 'Yanks' up in Alaska. My mother was a housewife; she got involved in a lot of practical things and sometimes got into arguments with my father about certain things. I remember her smashing dishes she got so mad sometimes.

I was a very happy young child and I spent most of my time fishing down at the docks or just wandering around by the dyke and exploring the tidal marsh lands. I loved watching the ducks and geese fly over. The sound of geese honking is a special sound and their formations and order impressed me. One of my hobbies was collecting empty shot gun shells that the hunters left behind after shooting ducks and geese. I liked to walk along the dyke and just check for mallard ducks and pheasants and anything else that ran in front of me. It was pleasant walking in the rain and watching the ducks swimming in the big ditch next to the dyke. I also walked in the wide open farm fields looking for birds and watching pheasants scurrying off quickly. In the winter the fields would freeze over and we went ice skating.

We had a garden in the back yard and my mother was always growing things. We had a clothes line, a big metal stove in the kitchen, a phone that you had to crank to work and a coal shed as well. I remember we had a washing machine with a ringer on it and a scrub board for cleaning clothes. Our milk was delivered by a milk man driving a van. We also had a garage in the back that bordered on a lane. I remember when my mother was learning how to drive. It was a standard vehicle with the gear handle on the steering wheel. She backed right up and crashed into the wall of the garage.

A big ditch surrounded our house and it was filled with frogs and also muskrat which I trapped one time. I used to dig up worms from the back yard and just spend all of my time fishing down at the docks where the gillnetters and seiners were tied up. I always walked, back and forth. I remember walking along the dyke from cannery to cannery and checking things out. It was neat to watch the gillnetters and seiners being unloaded and walking inside the canneries and watching the Japanese ladies cutting up the fresh salmon.

I caught mostly bullheads and chub. The best time to fish was in the evening when the tide was coming in because the fish got progressively bigger the higher the tide became. Sometimes I took an empty pail with me to put my live chub in. I brought the fish home and built a little lake for them to swim around in. It was fun having your own fish right in the back yard. They lasted a while and then they died of course.

I remember taking trips to downtown Vancouver. We had to walk all the way to Railway Avenue where we caught the tram. The station was named Branscombe, if i recall. I remember sitting on the very hard straw seats. Downtown Vancouver was always exciting. We used to line up at the White Lunch which was self serve. And, we always seemed to go to the Woodwards Department store too. One of the things I remember was the lights at the main intersections. Georgia and Granville, for example had lights that allowed you to walk kitty corner. In fact, all the car traffic was stopped while pedestrians had the complete right of way.

It was fun when we had a car too. Going to the drive in movies was always a treat. Hooking the speakers on the windows was neat and I always liked the cartoons. And, going to get popcorn during the intermission was a big deal. The many trips to the beaches were great too. We went to all of them, the ones in Stanley Park and Jericho and Spanish Banks. And, it seems like we spent a lot of time at the beaches by the Fraser River as well. I was always swimming under water with my eyes wide open, in the river or in the ocean....But, not all is fun and games when it comes to living near the water either. When I was very young, under five years old, I recall an incident when we are at a beach on the southern shore of the Delta and I was swimming alone. I waded into the water and fell down a drop off. I was literally drowning, I was spinning over and over and I remember that right now as vividly as it occurred then...and at the last instance before I completely drowned, I was saved...

Significant Events in 1949:

Carl Baydala is born on February 5, 1949 at Vancouver, B.C. Canada

March 31 - The former British colony of Newfoundland joins Canada as its 10th province.

April 4 - North Atlantic Treaty is signed in Washington, DC.

June 8 - George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four is published

August 29 - Soviet Union tests its first atomic bomb, code named "Joe 1." Its design imitated the American plutonium bomb that was droped on Nagasaki in 1945.

October 1 - Birth of the People's Republic of China

See Here for a complete list of events in 1949:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1949

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sowing the Race Track Seeds


Sowing the Race Track Seeds

It was another beautiful, sunny day in Vancouver. I got an oil change today because it was time. I had a young girl serving me at the fast lube joint. It is good to see young women becoming involved in jobs like this. I could tell that she was fairly green though and Iknew it was her job to try and sell me some extra services. All I wanted was an oil change because my vehicle was 100 per cent up to date as far as servicing was concerned.
This was a very professional lube joint that I went to and I know that some are not. She recommended I put 10 30 weight oil in my unit as that would not hurt it, but I told her I am sticking to 5 30 as my manual suggests. And, I stuck to my guns even though she had an argument against it. I could tell she was full of training but I stuck to my principles nevertheless. There was a bit of a psychological battle going on, but I think I won in the end and the lube job proceeded without incident after that. Except that she said at the end that oil changes were needed at every 5,000 kilometres while I told her that my Toyota only required it at every 8000 kilometres. And, once again I stuck to my guns about that. I wonder if she appreciated my position on these matters and in fact I asked her at the end if she gets picky guys like me in there. We get a few she says.
Anyhow, a couple of days ago a friend sent me kind of a chain letter with some points to follow. And, one of those points was: when you give, give more than someone expects and give cheerfully. So, I said OK to myself, I will think about it. After the oil change I headed out for the races and on the way I noticed a group of kids at a gas station holding a car wash. I didn't even think about it. I just drove in. I wanted my car washed because it was a beautiful sunny day. The vehicle was grubby looking anyway. And, besides, I just did not have time to do it. I usually wash my car myself because this is such an important job to do. You cannnot just let anybody wash the unit now can you? So I drive in and ask the kids holding the car wash as to what organization they were involved in. They said they were Christians and they were raising money for work that they were going to do with native children somewhere in B. C. I thought that was a find idea and also considered the fact that I was confronting a bunch of Christians. I cannot tell these kids that I am atheist now can I? After some more thought, I said that was a fine thing. I did not want to break out into an argument or joke around and say I was an atheist, I just wanted the unit washed and that was that.
So, a whole pile of kids just got going and proceeded to wash my car. Now, I said to myself. This is what Christians do all the time. They give to charity, they tithe and all that kind of thing. I decided that I wanted to challenge these Christians. Let's test this God stuff out. And, don't tell them I am atheist to boot.
It was a very fast job they did and it did not look half bad. I walked around and did a quick inspection on their work and while I was doing so I was thinking about how much I should pay them. I thought I would impress them a bit and since it was by donation I pulled out my wad of bills and peeled off a twenty for them. They were all very impressed and they were all smiling. Well, I felt good too. Giving to a good cause and besides getting my car all dressed up too. I wished them all luck in their endeavors and left the gas station.
Then I headed out in the sunshine with my shiny, freshly washed car and cranked up the tunes.
I got to the track- http://fraserdowns.com/ and bought a Meadowlands form. Usually I buy it early and do my homework, but not today because I have been disappointed with the track as it has been underperforming. I handicappped 4 races according to my system. I would bet altogether about 66 dollars. Actually, I lost the first three races and decided I had had enough. The track was still not good for me. But, I bet Race number 8 which I had done the work on and drove home. I would get the results on my computer when I got home. Maybe, just maybe giving more and giving to Christians even would pay off for me. After all, have I ever spent 20 bucks to get my car washed? Not likely. And, what about the chain letter? Any truth to that? Well, anyway, to make a long story short I jumped on the computer and checked the results at the Meadowlands web site. http://www.thebigm.com/ And, sure enough one of my system bets paid off. You will notice that on the photo I supplied to you that the winning triactor combination is the one at the very bottom of the ticket Once you are at the Meadowlands web site highlight 'live racing' and then go to 'results'. After that go to the tab showing the days of the week and press the arrow to the left until you find the week of 6/18 - 6/24 and then press 'Saturday', and finally, scroll down to Race number 8 to see how the horses finished, their odds, and the payoffs, etc. For my one dollar triactor I made about 426 dollars. And, that is all I bet with my system. Just triactors. Please note that the money I won comes from a different pool than the Meadowlands one. Canadians bet through the Woodbine Racetrack for certain out of country tracks and sometimes the payoffs are greater than the host track and sometimes they are lesser, as in this particular case.
The bottom line is I won today and the Christians don't even know that I am an atheist.