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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Best Elevator in Vancouver....Coming Soon


Couriers do not work alone in the struggle to produce on time deliveries. An aid in this constant battle is the modern elevator. A Service Failure can occur any time for any number of reasons.

But, a bulwark in the success of on-time deliveries is an efficient, and well thought out elevator system. Couriers rely on these well-designed systems in times of stress, when literally, seconds count. Will your elevator be there when you press the button? Just how long will I have to wait and worry about the customer and his time sensitive document? Once on board will it take me quickly to my intended destination?
These are crucial thoughts racing through the mind of a courier as he heads relentlessly towards his destination.. He is only seconds away from a Service Success or Service Failure. His confidence is buoyed by his knowing if the bank of elevators that he has now encountered will not let him down, or perhaps diminished by the sight of a failed system...

In this quest for the best elevator system in the Lower Mainland I will be putting together a report for an upcoming entry. I already have the building picked out along with the winning elevator. I need to take a couple more shots of this winning entry so that you will be able to appreciate more fully the characteristics of a successful elevator system...

PS This is another view of the Central City building in Surrey where I live. It is not the winner of the best elevator award, however. It has a very good elevator system and has a big job to do now since this building is loaded up with tenants. The increased traffic in this building does not make it a good choice though for the conscientious courier. I remember when the building was nearing completion and there were hardly any tenants in the building. It was a joy to come here and zip up in the elevators. Now, unfortunately, the building has sufferred the same fate as all the rest; overpopulation. It is troubling coming here now though, particularly during the morning rush to the offices upstairs and finding yourself standing with all the rest, in bunches in the lobby area, like schools of fish waiting for the next opportunity to venture up stream.


Copyright: Carl Baydala 2006

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