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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mike Baydala died today.

Michael Baydala
(October 16, 1919 - April 24, 2007)
Michael Baydala, age 87, passed away peacefully at Vancouver General Hospital on April 24, 2007. " Mike " was a veteran of World War 2 and spent most of his adult life living in the Lower Mainland area. Mike read extensively and was very knowledgeable in matters concerning politics and history, and readily shared his strong views. He was a fisherman and sailed extensively throughout the B.C. coast. He was also President of the Army and Navy Club in Steveston, B. C. Mike was very fond of horse racing and spent every weekend at Hastings Race Track. He lost both of his legs to diabetes but this loss did not stop him from attending the races; he found a way to get there. Mike was also very generous with his racetrack winnings and was eager to share the profits. In his final days he could be found reading at Children’s Hospital where he lived nearby. He wanted to be close to children to hear their voices. Mike is survived by his daughter Connie (Walter) and a son, Carl; three grandchildren, Thomas (Paula), Shannon (Rob), and Skye (Dave); great grandchildren, Jerrod, Brandon, Matthew, Jake, and Cody.
Donations in Mike’s memory to Children’s Hospital would be appreciated

Published in the 'Vancouver Province' newspaper, May 4, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Courier Party

A Courier Party Last Summer.
It was really a beautiful day and the food was great. The reason for the party was on account of Brian, our dispatcher leaving our Company. We took up a collection for him and everything. And, then he ends up not even leaving. He left for a week and then came back. Our Company almost fell apart because that is how important dispatching is in the courier business. There are just so many things that have to work perfectly to get good customer service, and the dispatcher is a very key player. We had lots of good food and drank beer. I hardly drink at all and basically quit two years ago or longer. I lost track. All I really remember is that I don't drink beer everyday anymore. I am saving a lot of dough too.