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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Cloudy Day: Time To Reflect

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The building in the background is Surrey Central. Simon Fraser University has a campus here and I live just a couple of blocks away. This area is loaded with services and the Skytrain runs right through the shopping mall. This Skytrain goes to downtown Vancouver

We have been experiencing very nice weather lately and today we got a break. It was cloudy, but pleasant. This pause allows me to reflect and think about things. My thought today concerns the idea of being too hasty or too aggressive. Now, just think back and ask yourself if you have ever liked someone a bit too much and maybe frightened them off. What do you think you did wrong? Anything? Did you learn anything from your experience? Or, have you ever noticed how things happen when you do not care too much if they do? I am talking about any event in your life really, from entertainment to relationship matters. It has been my experience, for example, that when I least expect something, or when I do not really desire for something to happen, well, it just happens. I guess it is kinda like going to a bar or something and expecting to meet the girl of your dreams. It is not going to happen. But, what I find does happen, that if you are casually, say going to the racetrack, just to use an example, of course. And, you were not even planning on going then sometimes good things tend to happen. Like maybe you win a big race that you were not even planning on betting. But, you did and you won. It has happened to me, lots of times. Maybe what is happening is that you are not over anticipating an event and you do not stand the risk of being disappointed. You are not setting yourself up for failure. And, what about falling in love. I bet you have been infatuated with someone or really fallen in love. You didn't just go some place and say to yourself: I think I will fall in love today. Not likely. When it happened, it most likely just happened. It crept up on you, and surprised you. What a pleasant surprise. Maybe you were just being yourself and someone took time to notice. Maybe that is the way all relationships should begin. Naturally. Well, these are just some of my thoughts for today. Hope they help. And, maybe the big lesson in life is to not expect too much and just enjoy life and accept whatever comes your way. If you want someone to really like you it might be better just being yourself and no one else.

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