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Monday, August 07, 2006

1958: A very good year

This is me in 1958 in grade 3. This was a very good year because I was a real track star and got six blue ribbons for track and field, more than anyone else. I was also the teacher's pet and I really liked school at that time. That is me smiling in the top left hand corner. Myself, along with my mother and sister had just moved from Richmond and we lived downstairs in a house in East Vancouver. I wanted to go to church because I went to Sunday school when I lived in Steveston. The church I went to was a Protestant denomination, most likely Lutheran, but I cannot remember exactly. I remember there was also a little German girl that I liked, but I cannot remember her name. If you saw me today you would never think I was a former " track star "

NB. I inserted this post because I just found this photo and I put it on my scanner to get the picture. Just wanted to see what it would look like. I actually have some other posts in mind about my Early Childhood and I will be posting them later. This 1958 posting will be re-inserted later, after some earlier posts. But, for now I just wanted you to have a peek at this picture and to see how the scanner handles an older photograph.

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