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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Whistlers, Dog owners, and Jesus Christ.

TWO THINGS I DO NOT TRUST ARE people who whistle and dog owners. I am not against all dog owners, only some. There are many other things I do not trust, but these two come to mind right now.

I do not trust people who whistle because they make me suspicious and uncomfortable. They are whistling because they are very happy or they are concealing something. Both are cause for concern, in my opinion. First of all if someone is exceedingly happy about something they have probably done something wrong and the whistling is just a front. But, if they really are happy then that is even worse because they are bragging about it and that is a bad thing. The really annoying thing about being too happy though is the fact that you are telling everyone about it. NO ONE cares if you are happy or not, so keep it to yourself. I might be having a bad day and I do not want a happy person telling me to be happy. It is like a Christian telling you that God loves you or something. God will tell me himself if that is the case because no one else can do that. People telling me how to feel is a form of arrogance. And, I detest arrogance intensely.

Another reason they might be whistling is because they are good at it and they want to show off. Well, I am not interested. It is like a singer singing out in the open. Who cares? If you are good at these things then you should be doing them in the shower where everybody else does their private things. Why be different and obnoxious? Respect for others that's the key.

My other beef tonight is dog owners. These are people that you should approach with caution. As stated above, I am not against all dog owners only bad people who are most likely dog owners. The main reason they are potentially dangerous people is because they are not cat people. The people in the world are divided into two camps in case you did not know. The cat people are the good guys and the dog people are the bad guys. If you look deep enough I think you find a difference in personality between a dog person and a cat person. And, a really bad person is more likely to be a dog type versus a feline type. And just take a look at some of the personalities involved. A dog person is more likely to be an aggressive person or one who likes to control people around them. Now, not all dog people are bad and menacing but there are core differences, and these traits will show up in character and in the way people act and relate to other people. They like to assume control and tend to be leaders and influential. But, not all leaders can act in your best interest so always be cautious around a dog person. If you see someone walking a dog, even if it looks like a harmless little old lady, just be aware that these people can, and will act differently than us cat people.

.Was Jesus Christ a dog man or a cat man?
I do not know. Perhaps some Christian will step up to the plate and inform us. Because I would really like to know. It would tell us a lot about the true nature of Christianity if we know this little, but very important piece of information. And, if anyone has heard of a story about Jesus Christ whistling while walking a dog of any kind I would like to know about that because that would alter my whole view of Christianity completely.

Is George Bush a dog man? He might have a cat too but can you really trust him if he associates with dogs? Mr. George Bush is the kind of bad person that I have been referring to here. He seems arrogant and he is a leader with great power. I think if he could whistle, he would do it. Just to annoy me a bit more. He personifies the kind of personality we are talking about here. The classic dog man. The man to fear at all costs.
Dog people like to tell their dogs what to do and to be obedient. Bill Clinton was even a dog man, but I think that was more of a front than anything else, you know like being a Christian too. Remember his dog " Buddy " ? You just cannot make it at the top levels in America if you are not a dog man and a Christian. It's just the way things are. That is why I make the enquiry if anyone knows whether or not Jesus Christ was a whistler and a dog man. I hope you understand now why I would even think of asking such a question.
If you owned a dog and he obeyed you would you respect him? I personally would be critical of his motives just like an obedient human being. These are important things to know so don't take them lightly. Do you want to be controlled by someone? I sure do not. So, be very cautious around these dog types.
And, just be sure to love your cat because he or she loves you back. They are not being obedient. They love you naturally and that is a big difference to know about.
The independence of the cat is why you associate with them. It is a relationship born out of respect, not one centered on control or obedience. Their personality is your personality. Get it?


Copyright: Carl Baydala 2006

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