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Friday, October 07, 2011

What the Rabbis are saying about Friday October 7, 1983

What the Rabbis are saying about

Friday October 7, 1983

( year 28 )

Good morning friends. Today is Friday October 7, 2011. That's right, it's 28 years later after the Big Event. And, that Big Event occurred on Friday October 7, 1983 as all of my steady readers already know. In a way, everything that I do on these pages it related to that serious incident in my life. Upon inspection of my personality, I think that becomes rather obvious.

I have published numerous posts on this blog already concerning the event.
From the Dear Diary portion of my blog you can find this entry here:

Notice that the above title is similar to today's post title. Much of what I am about to say in fact has already been said in that post. But, since this is a Friday, just like 28 years ago I thought I might try and be somewhat original and offer you some more insights into the event. More on this later.

First though, here are some other blog entries concerning Friday October 7, 1983, found on this very blog of course.

Friday October 7, 1983: The Silver Anniversary

Below is the original blog entry concerning the Big Event:

Friday October 7, 1983

So, what are the rabbis saying about Friday October 7, 1983 anyway?  Actually, they aren't saying anything at all about that particular date. But, one rabbi in particular is saying an awful lot about Carl Baydala, or Aquarians anyway. I have watched the above video with the rabbi a few times now, and including just a couple of hours ago as well.  I would have to say though that I captured his thoughts the very first time around, more or less that is.  Naturally I was impressed when he was able to identify my personality for me, and of course I latched on to the key ideas that I thought were related to my personality.

According to the Rabbi here are some common features of us Aquarians:   we are humanitarians; friendly; independent; honest; loyal; original; inventive; unpredictable; contrary; detached; kind; tranquil; self-centered; idealistic; aloof; not arrogant; hate big shots and not compatible with big shots; diplomatic; timid; how to change what is wrong and improve the world; most misunderstood; can get along with anyone if he chooses to; turn cold to those who have an ego; don't like borrowing or lending; they keep their word and pay their bills (strong characteristic ); platonic, faithful; generous, but will not go overboard; not interested in ambition or making money; does not believe in cheating or lying; an Aquarius boss is very friendly; everybody is equal; sincere, loyal, and devoted.

Lots of stuff there as you can see.  These are just generalities of course, and I am sure that not all of us Aquarians are exactly like anybody else. But if I had to concentrate on a few of the characteristics I would focus on something like the anti-authoritarian part. I am a rebel friends and I don't like authority. That is the primary thing that I want to leave you with.  However, I don't dislike all authority as I am not a complete misfit, for lack of a better term. I have had bosses that I respect, but, of course they have to gain my respect. I don't like suck holing to bosses if I don't like them. I don't like living under a reign of tyranny either and if I can smell that kind of an environment I am going to start fighting back. Nobody needs a job badly enough to live under an authoritarian system that is not working for them. Now, I could probably say the same thing about the United States right now, and many Americans would agree with me now wouldn't they?  Of course they would. They are on the streets of the big cities rebelling as we speak.

Another thing that came up in my personality profile was the idea of being wronged. As an Aquarian I don't like it when someone does me wrong and I tend not to forget those kinds of things. We are honest people and we expect people to be the same. I guess it is just our idealized nature that makes us that way. Anyway, for me that would be a big part of this whole 1983 business. So, maybe my readers will start to understand me a little better once they have my profile to contend with.

Another huge feature of October 7, 1983 is the song Every Breath You Take by the Police. That was my favourite song at the time and it brings back a lot of memories as you would expect. There have been quite a few remakes of this hit song and here is one of my favourites just below. Now, you know that I don't think much of  US imperialism and the antics of the Federal Reserve, so this is really a nifty song for me. Hope you like it, and I think you will easily be able to see its relevance for today's environment as well. So, you see the Big Event is not just about love and heartache and bad feelings, but it can be translated into today's politics as well. Now, I think you would agree that would make the Event somewhat positive now wouldn't it?

.And, finally friends here is yet another version of Every Breath You Take. I only discovered this video not too long ago as well. I thought you might like it. You will have to try and listen to the words and meaning of course. 
Have a nice day and thanks for celebrating my anniversary with me.

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