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Monday, December 12, 2011

Introducing Detective Eustace Mullins

Introducing Detective Eustace Mullins

August 2000,
Salmon Arm, B.C., Canada

Friends, I have never met Mr. Eustace Mullins, but, every time I see him on an internet video I feel like I am having an interaction with an old friend. Like myself, Eustace has taken it upon himself to fight a life long battle. He is fighting the system more or less as I am inclined to do. But, his fight is somewhat more focused than mine and his enemy is the international bankers and their criminal conspiracy. Maybe that is my battle too now that I think about it.  The bottom line for Mr. Mullins is that he feels that it is the bankers' objective to enslave us all. You may or may not agree with that assessment, but if you look at events today I think you will see that much of what we are experiencing is in fact the work of these international bankers.

Mr. Mullins is now dead ( February 2, 2010 ) and the interview shown below was done in August of 2000. September 11, 2001 is just over a year away so he won't be talking about that in this particular interview. And, he won't be talking about the financial collapse on Wall Street in 2007 either.  But, he will be talking about the Federal Reserve System in the US. Most of us never heard of the Fed before, as outlined by Mr. Mullins, that is. And,  if we had previously heard the term at all we would have thought that it was the nation's central bank, and part of the federal government. This entity, established under very secret conditions in 1910 was finally established in 1913. It was set up to serve private bankers. It is almost one hundred years later now and now might be the time to reflect on the nature of this institution. So, sit back and watch the performance given by Mr. Mullins. He will explain to you in detail just what this organization is all about and what their aims are. I think you will be immediately aware of Mr. Mullin's friendly and open character. He is certainly someone you would like to have as a friend, particularly if you are any kind of a rebel and would like to have some company in your conspiratorial view of the world. Mr. Mullins will provide that support for you. Interestingly, this video was taken in Salmon Arm, B.C. Also, listen closely to what he has to say about Al Gore's political prospects.

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