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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Onward Christian Soldiers: Battleground Canada

Onward Christian Soldiers

Battleground Canada

Well, welcome to the election of 2011 friends. That's right, here in Canada we now have an election on our hands. Oh, it is more than just an election of course. It is a political battle to the finish that is what it will be. The Stephen Harper Government has fallen and now it is time to get the soldiers into the battlefield and inflict the necessary mortal wounds upon the enemy.

The enemy friends is Stephen Harper and what he stands for. In my opinion, he does not represent mainstream Canada. His focus is limited to his vision of Canada and what he wants to achieve and those things I believe are not in the interest of our great nation. Stephen Harper wants to change our country and make it look more like the U.S. I don't think the majority of Canadians want that to happen. So, once they realize what the Stephen Harper agenda really is then I think they will all be on board to defeat the man who has just lost the confidence of the House of Commons.

Having lost the confidence of the parliament of Canada and forfeiting his right to govern means that it is every one's duty who believes in Canada to do the right thing. And, the right thing is to remove this man from the corridors of power before it is too late. So, that is why I have titled this blog entry " Onward Christian Soldiers ". I think there are in fact many God-believing citizens in our country. Christians are good people and can be responsible Canadians like all the rest. But, they are being led by a Christian man, namely Stephen Harper who, as I said would do Canada wrong. We need to let the Christians who vote for him know that. And, that is why I am bringing Jesus Christ on board to help out with the cause. Now, I am not a practicing Christian myself, but I think you can appreciate that politics does indeed make strange bedfellows and that is why Jesus and I are now friends. We just have a lot in common that is all.

 You will notice from previous blog entries that Jesus and I are friends on facebook. Well, I plan to be having a meeting with Jesus soon enough to find out what we can do to change the tide in Canada. Jesus is a great ally and friend to have on board in these troubled times. So, I hope that all of you Christians and right minded thinking Canadians join us in the battle to remove Stephen Harper from the political landscape once and for all. D - Day is May 2nd. so see you there at the battle of the century here in Canada.

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