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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Carl Baby

Happy Happy Birthday Carl Baby


Happy Birthday to Me from Me

This is the kind of stuff that we have to do when we get up into the mid sixties range friends. We have to honor our own birthdays lest they are forgotten altogether. So, it is up to me to keep the game going so to speak. Here is a really sweet song which I am sure that most of my mid sixties pals will remember. Wanda Jackson, and pretty as a pumpkin to boot.

Well, they nixed the Wanda Jackson version of this song due to some copyright hassles, but here is a pretty decent replacement. This young chick has a great voice I think you will agree:

So, even though I love the sweet music from the past I like to have a few chuckles as well. While doing my research for my post here I stumbled on this little gem below. Some of you might think that this is the real me anyway. And, you just might be right.  Anyhow, Happy Birthday from Me to Me from Me I guess. Good for a few laughs at any rate no matter which side of the Carl Baydala debate you fall under:

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