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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sky High in July and a comment on mass murder

Sky High in July
and a comment on mass murder


Welcome aboard comrade friends. I shall leave the interpretation of my title to my inside friends; particularly the Sky part.  And, speaking of friends, I am losing more of these things as the days go by.  This photo and its interpretation by former friends is evidence of that. Friends are like capital of course and are things that you do not want to lose. That is how important they are. But, unfortunately, friends, like capital do get lost from time to time. It is just the entire nature of risk and life itself. When you run out of capital you are on your own and must survive by your wits.  And, when you lose your friends you must similarly learn to survive by whatever means you can.

Why are friends that important anyway? Well, actually they are only as important as society makes them out to be, so do not fret about this issue unnecessarily.  Society by definition means that we live in a social system and that means that you must live with your fellow humans. Now, you don't actually have to like your fellow human beings, for as you will discover by living in a society many of your fellow humans will not like you anyway. That is just the way things are in this social world of ours. Now, I have had many friends and I have lost many friends as well. There are still a few hangers on of course and these are the people that we should put our trust in, if you believe in the idea of trust, that is. And, rest assured: you are not obligated to trust anyone at all since there is risk in trusting someone to begin with.

 I can understand why some people become hermits or why they do not even bother to mingle with their fellow human beings. Perhaps a person has figured things out and realizes the risks of interacting with his fellow humans and comes to the conclusion that it is simply not worth bothering about. Humans are selfish and cannot really be relied upon anyway, so why even bother with them? We do need to respect a person's decision about interacting with fellow human beings. Some individuals are just not going to take the risk for whatever reason.

I, on the other hand have made the decision to interact with my fellow man. It is just the way things happened for me. But, I know what the risks are in dealing with humans. There is pain and there is uncertainty and nothing is taken for granted. If you have a real friend and a lover who appreciates you then I would recommend that you keep on playing the human interactive game. You are winning as long as you are happy and nobody is causing you pain. Living socially can be meaningful and productive if you play your cards right -  and if luck is on your side.

How does any of the above relate to our Colorado killer and his desire to eliminate his fellow human beings? What is this whole thing all about anyway?  The individual doing the killing of 12 human beings is only 24 years old - and is described as a loner and aloof. He doesn't appear to be investing heavily in social interaction at all according to media reports. What is your conception of how a young adult is supposed to act anyhow?  What was I doing when I was 24 years old? Well, I certainly wasn't contemplating  eliminating a whole bunch of people because society was rejecting me or because of other personal stressful forces  that is for sure. And, I was not a huge social mingler either.  Killing others would have been the last thing on my mind. Sure, I had my problems and I was rejected my many ( but not all ), but I had no desire to take my revenge out on society and systematically massacre humans in great numbers. I was 24 back in the early seventies. That was when Nixon was president and the Vietnam war was raging on. Certainly lots of stuff to get hostile about. This was the era of the demonstrations against the evils of capitalism and imperial war. Sure, people and youth were mad and many of them were on drugs. But, they didn't kill fellow humans to get even or prove a point. People still had their morals and wits about them in the seventies and they did not over react to some violent video game or succumb to violence even though violence was part of the culture. There must be something else going on here.

We've had a lot of mass murders in recent history and I don't think anybody thinks this phenomenon is going to end anytime soon. Society has changed friends, and not for the better.  The bankers crashed the system in 2007 and the wars rage on. US imperialism is the same as it was in the early seventies. America is a war economy and is interested in world domination and it is involved in a lot of death and destruction world wide. These are the givens. By why the mass murders at home and why can't we stop them? Are these killers like the Colorado one actually heroes for telling us that there is something wrong with the system? Is this their way of proving their point and educating us?  What kind of an education is that when there are innocent victims involved?  That is kind of like God imposing evil on us just to teach us about evil. As if we need to be taught about evil for goodness sakes.

Mass murder is not confined to the US friends, so don't get me wrong. We have it here in Canada too. And,  other parts of the world experience these tragedies as well. The Norway slaughter is only one year old now isn't it?  For me, the mass murders in the US only highlight what a violent place the US has become. It is the norm actually. Movies, television, video games all tell the same story and send out the same message. The cruelty of man is evident everywhere in the society. The imperial wars only add to the mix of course. Citizens have guns by law to protect themselves. And assassins have guns by law to prove that they can take the law into their own hands just to prove that they have power as well. But, this Colorado killer is a highly educated one and surely there is a clue here. And, we are all looking for any bits of information that will help us to understand what is going on here in the minds of our modern mass killers.  America is on notice my friends; citizens are fighting back, each and everyone of them in their own way. And, some of the educated ones have decided to kill to enact their message. America has power   But, so has the individual citizen to counter act that power. These are just my ideas on power friends, so don't take this comment too religiously because in a religious society one runs to risk of thinking and acting like a herd. And, you know where that format will get you.  There are other possible factors at work here that could help us to understand why this young American adult did what he did. We don't really understand at all the real reasons for his behavior. Perhaps he was  even on some kind of medication or was experiencing some other kind of mood altering state. We just don't know yet why he killed, but we do know that we are all troubled by this incident. These mass murders become a blemish on a once proud, strong, and free nation. I believe that, ultimately, these mass murders are examples of America's unfreedom. Freedom to act yes, but unfree from a force greater than any single American can control. Killing is a reaction and nothing more; it is like enacting the death penalty out of revenge and solves nothing except revealing emotional man.   America has turned a violent corner my friends and is on a collision course with destiny; America has been injured and it shows badly.

Have a nice day.

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