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Monday, June 19, 2006

Another gorgeous day in Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

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I took this picture today while working. Vancouver is such a beautiful city really. I was actually born in the City of Vancouver and I am very proud of that fact. There has been a lot of immigration into the City over the last couple of decades or so and I am one of the few remaining originals here, or so it seems. Because, when I tell people that they are amazed and surprised. I guess just about everyone I bump into is an immigrant. I will try to take as many shots as I can and then post them so that you will be able to see how pretty and diversified Vancouver and its environs really are. This photo is the Canadian Fishing Company and it is in downtown Vancouver. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, the temperature was just perfect and nice little puffy clouds were off in the horizon. There was a 'just right' breeze coming off the water and with my windows rolled down and the CD going i was in heaven once again. I just recently bought some of those 5 dollar Wal Mart specials, you know old songs from the sixties which the youth generation know absolutely nothing about. There are always a couple of gems on these discs. Like, it seems as if I am playing the Shirelles over and over again the sound is so great Remember the tune Soldier Boy? God it is awesome listening to music like this. Here are the lyrics, you might remember them if you were around listening in 1962:

Soldier boy
Oh, my little soldier boy
I'll be true to you

You were my first love
And you'll be my last love
I will never make you blue
I'll be true to you
In the whole world
You can love but one girl
Let me be that one girl
For I'll be true to you

continued below...

Wherever you go
My heart will follow
I love you so
I'll be true to you
Take my love with you
To any port or foreign shore
Darling you must feel for sure
I'll be true to you

Soldier boy
Oh, my little soldier boy
I'll be true to you

Here is the video by the Shirelles in 1962:

Such memories of a less chaotic period. Happy music. Love songs. Tons of them. Anyway, right after I took this picture I got kind of busy at work so I could not stop and take any more pictures. I headed straight south toward the airport after this scene here. I went over the Arthur Laing Bridge in south Vancouver on the bridge that leads you into Richmond, a southern suburb of Vancouver. I wished I could have stopped on the bridge and taken a breathtaking shot for you, but as you can see I could not. If I was a tourist in our city I would have taken many good shots today, but I am not a tourist as you know. I am a humble servant, a courier doing his work and serving his customers. My primary duty lies here of course. But, I will try and sneak in as many pictures as I possibly can. Hopefully thousands of them. That is all for now...


Irene said...

That is a really neat shot! I have actually just been to vancouver myself and I have a photo of those exact red/orange cranes! what a small world =)
if you'd like to see it, you can find it here:

Rooni said...

I have seen those cranes also. Isnt Vancouver a beautiful city.