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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Are You Ready For The End Of The World?

Are You Ready For The End Of The World?



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On your mark, get set, ready - and go.  --  You're dead! Ha ha ha. What was the big day again - was it December 21st or something like that?  Some ancient prophecy that everybody is worried about. Well, quit worrying because it is a non - event like so many other things in this world. 

Think about it friends. You don't even really know if you are dead or alive at this very moment. Sure, you think you are alive and can attest to your consciousness and things of that nature, but none of us really knows life and death in their totalities. Somebody has told you that you are alive, and from all of the available evidence known to you you are experiencing something that somebody has determined is life. But, if you do not really know death then how can you really know life? It is like saying that you are winning without even knowing what losing is all about. The experts and the religionists talk about life and death, but all that they can really do is to scare you with the thing since they cannot make you experience death.  But, they keep threatening you with death and the talk of death just to get your attention and to make you fearful. Making you afraid of something you do not even really understand only exacerbates the human condition and makes people powerless while others prosper from the misery and uncertainty of human life. And, it has been this way for a very long time.

According to the Scriptures and the stories, Jesus Christ knew death.  He is one of the few people that we know about that can really talk about death and life in a coherent manner. He experienced both conditions so He knows of what He speaks - or that is what the Jesus stories want us to believe at any rate.  You don't even have to believe in the stories about Jesus, just the fact that He experienced both things.  Apart from sex and survival,  the meaning of life and death is a huge concern for man.  And, Jesus came to Earth and supplied all of the answers.  He was even able to provide life after death for believers in Him. Jesus came from the outer world and was not afraid. He knew death and it did not bother Him.  If this is the case then how scary can death really be if one man acting as a human was not afraid of it? That is what Jesus was trying to teach us.  Maybe death is over rated and we need not worry so much about it. Except we do worry about it - and continually so. Jesus presented a strong message for believers.  Unfortunately, even  Christians will continue to pretend that they are not afraid of dying, but like the heathen and non-believers they too will live out their lives in fear. They call it the fear of God, but we all know what this fear is really all about. 

And, dear friends this is why you have to accept something like philosophy. I have been harping on this idea on these pages for quite a while now. I do that because I can sense the power of philosophy.  Philosophy, by its very nature will get you to where you want to be. What is philosophy?  Well, if we can relate what it is to death, it is just about everything that you will be looking for when death finally comes your way. Philosophy is simply the tool that man uses to get him out of a difficult situation. And, one of the most difficult situations that he has to get out of is this thing called life. We only know life by our experiences as I have stated above. We are not sure about death, but many of us accept the idea that it is not really such a bad thing according to Jesus Christ. We can capitalize on death if we play our cards right. That is philosophy in action friends. And, it is the philosophy of the man - and the god - Jesus Christ.  All that Jesus did was to hand his philosophy to us - it is ours for the taking.  He simply explained life and death in a nice neat package. Sounds nice and easy now doesn't it? Well, we all know by experience that it is not so easy as they tell us it is. We are all afraid of death I think, no matter how much talking you do.  Think about being in a war and killing someone, or being killed by someone.  Undoubtedly, these are some of  the scariest of human circumstances. You can face death or you can even experience it. The worse part about death for the lowly human is the very idea of thinking about it. You and I don't want to die because we love life so much. But, we all know that life has to end some day. It can be no other way. 

Man's basic problem is that he thinks too much.  He is the victim of his own consciousness in a way.  A coward dies a thousand deaths so they say. How many times have you thought about death during the course of your life? Undoubtedly it has been thousands of times.  That means that we are all cowards of course as related to death. Jesus Christ tried to make things easier for us and many people buy into the Christian idea and the Afterlife.  Now, that is the thing isn't it?  The Afterlife. People do not want to lose what they have and what they are comfortable with. Life is the most precious thing that man knows and loves. So, why would he want to lose it?  It is the same thing with your wealth possessions and why people buy insurance or create ways to preserve their wealth in the stock market. Man wants to protect the things that he holds dear and the things that make him happy. Oh, he is so selfish and so HUMAN. Ha ha! And, now they are telling him that it will all end on December 21st of this year. Oh my! Man is worried. He will lose everything. His loved ones and his possessions will all be gone. Christians of course will have their god and Jesus on the other side, so things will be OK for them. Or, so they think. But, I don't think it is going to be that easy friends even if the Christians tell you so. They are just as frail as the rest of us because they do not REALLY know  death. And, they cannot know death even by believing in Jesus. 

 I do not think the world is going to end on December 21. I do think, however, that this potential calamity will allow all of us to be cowards yet again. We want to live and we do not want to die.  And, that is one of the characteristics of life. Life makes us fearful and obedient to the laws of nature. We all know nature, but none of us really knows God. What does that tell you? We love life and we love God. But, to really know and love God is to die. Jesus Christ was able to experience all and that is why He is revered. Jesus was not a coward fearing death. But, a  mortal cannot be a god and that is why he must suffer and experience life. A human earns his stripes when he dies. Some people will be looking forward to December21, but most humans will be doing very human things. 

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