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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Carl Baydala's Christmas Message: why people are divided

Carl Baydala's Christmas Message

Why People are Divided
(Judaism versus Christianity)

Merry Christmas friends. First things first. It only takes me a couple of beers to get going and that is where I am at right now. Now, that doesn't mean that I cannot be lucid and understandable in my remarks.

Man is a divided animal and he is primarily interested in survival. He is a selfish creature and if he wasn't he would die. If you are a proponent of the Christian Bible you would not fail to notice how utterly cruel man can actually be toward his fellow man. Just to satisfy himself he would conquer and kill his enemies to enhance his aims.  

The Jews apparently were very good at the game of survival - and in inventing a god that could enhance their status on earth. And, yes we do have to give them credit for devising a system of control and dominance over other human beings. They accomplished this feat of course by identifying themselves as being ' chosen '.   But, not only would they be superior to others, they would also have to be divided and separated from those lesser human beings, namely the Gentiles.  And, this is where modern division in society emanates from; a simple religious creed. The Jews of course are rationalists. You may not agree with their life philosophy,  but, you have to admit that what they created does in fact work.  But, the point is that it cannot work unless the idea of separateness is magnified and enhanced.  We are talking the Talmudic Jew here and his ally the Christian Zionist of course - and not all Zionists are Jews, lest we never forget this fact. The Jewish rabbi is at the centre of things of course, highlighting the chosen nature of the People  and keeping the Jews distinct from the Gentiles.

The Jews are simply playing a racist game of course and they continue to fool their enemies. The Christians ( the goyim or the Gentile ) et al are simply fools for playing along. Christmas is about Jesus Christ and what he represented. The Jews have no use for something like Jesus Christ ( certain Jews literally hate Jesus )  because they believe that Jesus represents weakness in man and a threat to their own beliefs. Jesus represents goodness and fellowship among man according to Christians. But, as I stated at the beginning man is essentially a selfish thing. He also seeks to survive and outdo his fellows when he is the mood to do so. And, you can see this characteristic in the so-called Christian as well.  They pretend to be followers of Jesus and of His message, yet everywhere they reveal themselves and their humanness.  Man cannot conceal his humanity and the Jew and everybody else to who bothers to think about such things knows this. 

So, dear friends, what I am trying to depart to you on this Christmas Day is simply a little practicality. Do not be against the Jew on Christmas even if he is not participating in the celebration with you. He cannot be part of this event because it is not part of his nature or his philosophy. He has spent a lifetime fighting Christianity and he is not about to stop now.  The Jew has a different god than Jesus or even the Jehovah that you think he believes in. Now, admittedly, he is questioned for his belief in Pantheism - and even Satan or Lucifer, but do not hold these things against the Jew. The Jew is a rationalist and a materialist, and that is the point to focus on. And, many are atheists as well. Yet, they still call themselves Jews.  Confusing isn't it?

If you do not understand what I am talking about then think about why the Jew is so against Christianity and the spiritual things that Christ represents.  Jesus is not the Messiah of the Jews. If you get a chance I would recommend that you listen to a couple of audio files compiled by Texe Marrs.  In a couple of guest interviews he explains the spiritual nature of Christianity in relation to Judaism.  Go to the Texe Marrs website and listen to broadcasts 50 and 51 here

This is what Jesus represents if you did not know that. Jesus is an idealist and the Jew is a rationalist. Yes, the Jews crucified Christ. And, they did that because He was their enemy. He had to be removed. Yet, the idea of Christ remained even after the execution. But, so did the Jew and his philosophy. Both the philosophy of Jesus and that of the Jew still exist and compete with one another. The Jew wants to dominate and the Christian wants us to participate in something called brotherly love. One is Satanic and materialistic and one is spiritual. We still have Christmas and we still have Judaism. The world has not ended yet, but it is still divided and that is my main point. If the Jew was friends with Christians and Muslims would there be war in the Middle East and elsewhere?  The Jew may inevitably win the materialist game and attain world domination which is his aim as a result of his rationalism and organization surrounding his goals. But the Jew can never have real success because the Christian sentiment can never be destroyed. And, that Christian sentiment is based on idealism. The Jew will never be able to live without thinking why he has done what he has done. The idea will simply come back to  haunt him; even the Jew is partly spiritual in nature. And, that is why man is divided. One may want to dominate ( as a function of religion and conditioning ) and find a prescription to do so, but he will never be able to eliminate the idea. And, that idea will come back to haunt him and his status in the world. Christmas then, represents a sort of hope for all mankind. You can think of it as a kind of tempering force upon the material instincts of man. It is a time for introspection if you will. 

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and enemies alike.
PS: if Jesus could have an enemy or two then why can't I? 

Moving Beyond Religion:  Friends, there is much more to life than traditional religions that I talk about above.  We talk about religions such as Judaism and Christianity for example, because that is all that many of  us know about from our culture. It is the way we were brought up and people taught us what to believe. But, consider a study such GnosticismI have included here for you now a link to a marvelous discussion about Gnosticism. This belief system existed before the dawn of Christianity, and in fact was destroyed by the Christians as a threat to their new religion. Mr. John Lash in his explanation of Gnosticism wants nothing to do with Christianity and Judaism. Who needs this conflict between the Jews and the Christians anyway?  John Lash asserts that you don't need to be involved in our modern religions to appreciate goodness for example. The pagans knew exactly what it was and what was right and what was wrong. A great alternative to the conflicts as provided by our so-called Judeo-Christian culture is explained in the following video: Gnosticism and Mythology  

My Christmas present to my inside friends.
Some of you guys think I am crazy, while the true friend does not. If you listen to the link below I think you will recognize that I am not as crazy as you think I am. I am actually being vindicated in this presentation. Nice to know that I was sort of right all along, according to one source that isNow if we could just get the masses unplugged from their TV masters maybe we could make some serious progress. You have to listen to the whole presentation to get a grip on what is happening. 

Awaken to the Truth

And, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if you do not hear from me again.

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