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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sandy Hook: The Great Schism

Sandy Hook: The Great Schism

 An interesting development in the so-called Truth Movement is the rift that has occurred within the movement itself as a result of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre last December 14 in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Sandy Hook appears to have all of the attributes of a 9/11 event. It should be a conspiracy ' gimme ', yet it has not turned out that way. The incident is rife with unanswered questions and inconsistencies. The simplest of evidentiary requirements are missing. Things like where are the bodies and how come the parents cannot see the remains of their own children?  What do we really know about Adam Lanza and his mother?  Adam, identified by the press is supposed to be a lone gunman who used a rifle to shoot 20 children and six adults - but we are not sure whether or not a rifle was the murder weaponThe head coroner on the scene seems hesitant when answering questions posed by the press. He seems unsure of the facts surrounding the case and is not willing to commit to anything for fear of creating problems down the road. He also states that he hopes that things don't come crashing down on the heads of the families later on. What does he mean and why would he say something like that?

Like 9/11, the Aurora, Colorado Batman killing and other mass murders, the media is right on the case informing us of who the killer is and how things happened. And, there seems to be no deviating from the ' Official Story ' once it has been established,  in spite of reports that others may have had a hand in these types of events, i.e, the possible involvement of co-conspirators.  And, anybody who violates the Official line is labelled a conspiracy theorist or even a nutbar.  And, a new twist in the mix at Sandy Hook is the head of the Connecticut state police informing the public that he will not tolerate disinformation in the case and states that he will prosecute those who foster false information. Well, that is all fine and dandy isn't it if the police are doing their jobs properly and conducting a thorough investigation and leaving no stone unturned to get to the truth. The public expects nothing less.

But, I don't get the impression that is happening at all. And, I come back to the idea of yet another coverup here. And, this is the basis of the possible conspiracy and the rift that has developed among the Truth community. Some have come out swinging and accused the government - and others - of involvement in this massacre. The agenda?  Actually, the agenda does make eminent good sense and it involves gun control and outright confiscation of weapons from citizens. Why would the government  want to do that you ask? Because the U.S. economic and political system in the process of breaking down and civil war is a distinct possibility.  The economy has been mismanaged ( some might even say ravaged ), the nation has unsustainable debt and there is a great divide among the population in terms of wealth and living standards. And, if you listen to people like Alex Jones and others you will have found out that the government ( Department of Homeland Security ) seems to be arming itself for some kind of a take down of the civilian population. And, these seem like reasonable assumptions based on the evidence; FEMA camps and an extraordinary amount of purchases of rounds of ammunition.  And, what adds legs to this hypothesis is that the government did indeed try to initiate a number of measures related to gun control and disarmament of the civilian population. And, this includes the possibility of repealing the 2nd Amendment as well. So, a thinking civilian might be concerned about his future as a U.S. citizen with rights. 

Yet there are those in the Truth Movement who want nothing to do with the idea that there is a conspiracy taking place related to the Sandy Hook massacre. They are satisfied that people were indeed killed and that people are over reacting to the idea of another 9/11 conspiracy in the works.  They think that Truthers are being played for suckers if they take the bait as is being supplied by the media, particularly by the likes of CNN and Anderson Cooper. But, you really have to wonder why CNN would use symbols related to the Illuminati in their presentations. Whose idea was this and how early on was the decision made to employ such tactics?  The Truthers who aren't biting suggest that the media is playing the event to discredit the Truth Movement and the progress that has been made as a result of the 9/11 false flag event. Great strides have been made in this area as millions of Americans and others throughout the world have come to question the Official Story related to 9/11.  And, that is the irony of the whole thing.  9/11 and Sandy Hook just seem to have so much in common, from inconsistencies, to coverup and to motive. As I stated above it really looks like a gimme, except as I am trying to relate to you now, some are not buying into the conspiracy scenario.

A Great Schism has indeed developed as I am suggesting. Now, I personally am not going to go out on a limb and say categorically that this was a government psyop, for example. However, we know now that the FBI is famous for promoting false flags and the like throughout the US with the intent of keeping the game of the War on Terror in full swing ( part of the agenda of 9/11 )  But, Sandy Hook does indeed have similarities to the 9/11 event. On September 11, 2001 war games were being played by the government while an attack was taking place. How does something like that happen and what are the odds?  And, similarly in Newton, Connecticut and surrounding areas an event like the Sandy Hook massacre was taking place at another school. How do these things just manage to happen? And, what are the chances of a real massacre occurring simultaneously?  And, why does the media and the government tell us that the gunman was a twenty year old kid that nobody knows anything  about and how does he do his killing with a ' long gun ' when the evidence suggests otherwise? Other people are arrested outside the school, yet we hear nothing further about these people and their possible involvement in the case. Legislation is enacted prior to the event that restricts the media from having automatic access to the details and photographs of child homocide.  Why just child homocide? Who decided that this should be law and what is the real intent of this legislation? Where are the pictures or videos of hundreds of kids being evacuated from the school, why do they wait until night to remove the children's bodies?  And to repeat, why cannot the parents see the bodies of the children?  What is going on here?  

Now, the conscientious Truther is probably going to take the position that the government is merely trying to provide cover for Big Pharma, and perhaps the Hollywood establishment that inculcates  violence in its products. Remember that Adam Lanza was supposed to be a person afflicted with Asperger syndrome and most likely on drugs. He is described as a loner who played violent video games. So, why enact gun control or restrict the type of weaponry that citizens can own, when clearly, guns are not the only or main issue here? Guns don't kill, people do. Well, you can see the problem right away I am sure.  The government focused on gun control and spent a lot of critical media time trying to do that. They didn't talk about the fact that America is over drugged and they didn't point any serious fingers at Hollywood and the  like - the people who are responsible for displaying media violence. They set their sights on guns and disarmament instead.  And, this is what gives the Sandy Hookers their credibility. And, if I was a Sandy Hooker that is what I would be running with and be damned with the consequences. We know that the government is capable and dangerous and that is all the defence that one really needs in cases like these - as a crime investigator you concentrate on those who do these kinds of deeds for a living.  

 There is indeed a Great Schism going on here, but there are lots of reasons why people should not be divided over the Sandy Hook issue.  The Sandy Hookers have a legitimate case here ( based on history - cover up related to 9/11 and an Official Story that many people question to this very day because the event was never investigated and important evidence was removed from the crime scene - by the government itself  ),  yet one can easily sympathize with the hesitant Truther trying to protect his or her political capital that they have accrued over the last ten years. There is conflict here and it is related to strategy, perception, and objectives. Truthers and Patriots alike need to clarify in their own way what Sandy Hook is really all about. Is it just a run of the mill American mass murder incident or is it something else? What Sandy Hookers and Hooker skeptics alike, should understand however, is that the government and/ or the media is not going to be their ally in this discovery process. And, perhaps this important detail will go a long way in determining which side you may like to consider in this fascinating debate. 


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