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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

9/11 is still the elephant in the room

9/11 is still the elephant in the room

And, here is the proof:

Friends, you really have to gasp in amazement as to how the media and the government have been bamboozling the American public for over ten years now. Anybody who pauses to think about the issue knows that the un-investigated 9/11 event is the thing that governs all that happens in modern day America. 

 It truly does remain the elephant in the room.

 Can't you feel it?  Don't you think about it all of the time? 9/11 and its consequences, I mean. These Middle East wars just didn't happen for no reason. They were even planned before 9/11. So, who is pulling the wool over whose eyes? Think of all of the surveillance cameras and loss of freedoms such as at the airports, etc. that have developed since September 11, 2001.  And, what about these increasing reports of police harassment and the like? No need for this friends. No Sir.  When I watch that CSPAN footage above I realize that there are still Americans who know that something is terribly wrong. They are speaking out and trying to make things right.  The mainstream media has made itself irrelevant by being complicit and that is plain to see.  Is it any wonder that the Alex Joneses of the world have found fertile ground and are capitalizing on it? 

  Let us hope that Americans like the ones speaking in the footage above are able to wake up their sheepy brothers and sisters before it is too late.  In the meantime, the elephant walks - and he knows of the tyranny of the jungle. 

Picture of elephant from Wikemedia Commons

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